soccer announcements

soccer announcements


As every year the Spanish League appears as one of most exciting of the planet soccer. On the verge of raising to the curtain of a new season with the first party of league between the Athletic Club of Bilbao and the FC Barcelona, in ComunicAlicante we have wanted to remember five announcements of soccer that marked a time.

Soccer and publicity have gone of the hand practically from the creation of the sport king. When the world of the publicity, marketing and the communication realized power of soccer, the subject was unstoppable. Before they were only billboards with soccer players or publicity in stages, but this gave to passage to t-shirts filled with logo of brands as well as players dressing different sport companies. Modern soccer was born.

Which was the following objective of the publicity? The great companies bet to join to the maximum I number of stars possible in filmed announcements of soccer in recondite places. They entrusted it everything in the eccentric thing and the spectacle. That yes, in each announcement of soccer rolled by Nike, you will notice the seal of the North American brand.

Announcements of time soccer

Brazil in the airport (1998)

Nike was sent to by all and put legs above an airport so that the Brazilian selection of jovenc­simo Ronaldo was amused before the delay of an airplane. All samba, the announcement rescued one of the mythical songs of Brazilian music.

In addition to counting in list with great Brazilian stars, Nike allowed the luxury to present to which later she would be one of the most habitual faces of its announcements, I dial it Eric Cantona.


Portugal-Brazil, Ol© (2004)

Then Real Madrid the Figo and Ronaldo served as teloneros to the great star of the moment, Gaucho Ronaldinho, for this announcement of presentation of the new t-shirts of Nike for Eurocopa 2004.

A motto of street soccer and the humiliation as it is the €œOl©€ was repeated time and time again in this race by the vomitorios of the stage. Finally, the referee was satiated with the €œmess€ and take drastic measure.

Second appearance of Eric Cantona in an announcement that according to the version also counted on Totti or goes Nistelrooy of guests.


Jose + 10 (2006)

This time the one was Adidas that gained the game to Nike with a shining announcement by the exposition and the putting in scene. Jose, a boy who was in a earth field playing with his friend, gets dressed captains to only choose the best possible equipment with players who dressed Adidas.

This announcement of soccer, in that the new t-shirts for the World-wide one of Germany 2006 appeared, had of guests of honor to Beckenbauer and Platini, historical players who returned to get dressed short thanks to the technological possibilities.

All we wanted to be Jose that one summer.


The Cage (2002)

Nike returned to put the check in white on the table and reunited to his more famous stars in a lost boat with a cage and two goals, equipment of 3 against 3 and everything by the pleasure of an Eric Canton¡ who put the rules.

The announcement left track by the star constellation of soccer that met and by the eccentric thing of the match: locked up in the cage and to see who survived the whims of Canton¡. Pure street soccer to the rate of Elvis Presley.


The duel of the west (2003)

Pepsi strained in the announcements of soccer with a duel to the purest John Wayne style but between the Manchester United and the Real Madrid, that later would be moderate in the Champions League. In addition, in the heat of machine of rumors of the possible signing of David Beckham by the targets, who would end up itself confirming that same summer.

In order to finish, the cameo of Rivaldo that certainly cost a few million, then player of Milan, as fugitive of the wild west.


If there is soccer is Mahou (2005)

Luque, Joaquin, Towers, Squares and Deck carried out this concise announcement in which Mahou put the drink and they the challenge. They faced any rival who was in a field of futsal to two goals. Waitresses, street cleaners and, even, stewardesses who happened that way.

There is no doubt that badly they did not go it. To take to the maximum explaining mythical €œthe one that loses payments the beers€.

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