strategy of marketing to sell between companies

strategy of marketing to sell between companies

The direct sale to the public has many ways. More or less direct commercial messages, more or less creative, in multitude of formats and supports different and with tones from the most varied based on target to which we went. But the thing changes when the emitter of those messages is a company of services that works for other companies: How to sell of attractive form services to companies instead of a people? We analyze the best routes to find strategies of digital marketing B2B.

The B2B acronym (Business to Business) is applied to those companies that, by their model of business, do not have a direct deal with the end-user, but perform its functions with other companies as intermediaries.

Although it can sound to something very specialized, a technical niche and to h­per concrete, is something perfectly habitual. The strategies of digital marketing B2B, although in essence do not differ excessively from B2C (Business to Consumer), yes they are in force by certain principles that ultimately help them not only to be more effective, but to be more attractive and practical in enterprise surroundings.

In order to be able to remove party to our efforts, and that the work carried out is not in vain, from ComunicAlicante we want to throw five advice fundamental to apply in the strategies of digital marketing B2B: a small starting point to work in optimal conditions, to obtain the wished results and to have our satisfied clients.

Advice to elaborate the best strategies of digital marketing B2B

Five advice. Five pillars in which to support to us at strategic level that later we will adorn, in the operative part, with taken actions and ideas in detail. So far, we defined the masterful lines.

  • The content is the king. One of the great problems that they have the B2B companies is the spreading of its activity when they do not go to the end user. In the enterprise field, especially in very concrete and specialized niches, the content acquires a critical relevance: to know how to explain what we do, didactic and to be entertained, will be not only a great form to present to us, but to sell to us.
  • Companies? Yes, but also people. Another point that many people in charge of B2B lie down to forget is that, no matter how much works in a field dominated by the companies, behind always there are people. It is not necessary that everything what we do is always of specialists for specialists: sometimes, it is necessary to land our knowledge to on foot put them of street and that whatever pass by the door can be interested for that reason. Arriving at the people it is arrived at the companies.
  • Loyalty. In any scope it is important, perhaps but it is it especially in B2B. When another company counts on ours to contract a service is fundamental the attention to the direct client, the actions of affection and pick up that we make not only not to lose a user, but to more still hook it. Nothing as defining good funnel, from the pick up of the interest to the transformation of users in prescribers.
  • You do not neglect to influencers. We have already shelp it sometimes, but speaking of strategies of digital marketing B2B it is necessary to affect it: that they cannot appear shining some sunglasses or eating in a restaurant does not mean that it is not possible to be resorted to them. Either selected, with profiles very defined and public or studied: with the suitable ingredients, to count on influencers B2B can be a great idea.
  • Not you obsessions with the followers. In the B2B field, although it is still a significant data, to have many followers not necessarily supposes to approach us our objectives. Quality before amount always.

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