enterprising woman alicantepng

enterprising woman alicantepng

Proud of the good work done. Thus we felt in ComunicAlicante after the mediatic and social impact that has had our news of national recognition for of the Alicante Natalia Calder³n, awarded by its contribution to that the businessmen can obtain optimal results with the use of the new technologies.

Of the news on our friend, that she was developed in the offices of ComunicAlicante, they have become echo the main informative means of the province, many of them (radios and televisions), with interview including, in order to deepen at work of a woman who, hard and professionalism, has opened a hollow in this always complex enterprise world.

Awarded with Estrella de Oro

The noveldense Natalia Calder³n has been distinguished with the €˜Estrella de Oro€™ of the Institute for the Profesional Excellence by its help to the enterprising ones, an award with which the institution, with headquarters in Madrid, it recognizes the implication of those who exert his work with the maximum quality.

Its objective is not trivial: to obtain that the women are able to emphasize and manage to improve the results of their businesses, always using the new technologies. The key of the success indicates to she herself €œcertainty and professionalism to it€, qualities in which honor especially the women.

specialist in social networks

Founder of Enterprising Women On Line, her project helps and accelerates businesses of women whom they are undertaking to be able to conciliate his personal and professional life, a handicap which on a daily basis all of them face. By means of mentor­a and advising, Natalia accompanies them step by step to improve his business and of letting it grow exponentially in Internet by means of strategies of sale with publicity of Facebook.

All the average news is outstanding that Natalia has formed already to more than 500 women, by means of gratuitous chats and actual courses in Alicante and Madrid.

€œWhat I raise is to help and to impel the businesses of women who, just as I, feel the necessity to feel realised, independent and free and with desire of prevailing in the labor world demonstrating that the professional success with the familiar life can be arranged€, explains Natalia.

Its success has been compensated with the social recognition. In addition to the prize by which it has been the news, since the news was sent has received tens and tens of congratulations, some arrivals of the highest official instances of the Valencian Community (as it is the case of Presidency of the Catalan Autonomous Government) and in its nearer surroundings (the locality of Novelda), put it as example of a good work done.

Today, 8 of March, Day of the Woman, Natalia has a tight day. In the morning it participates in the chat of the Daily Information to explain his experience and to answer the readers. Already in the evening, line will be one of the rapporteurs of XI the Day of enterprising the Woman dedicated to on, that will take place in the Cultural Scope of the Corte Ingl©s of Alicante, and in that will participate other referring ones of the sector.

Congratulations Natalia and thanks to trust ComunicAlicante to give diffusion to your profits!




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