Fake news: the rebellion of the viral social networks against the false ones

Fake news has found an enemy in the Internet giants.

Fake news surrounds to us. The infinite capacity of diffusion of Internet has caused in more than an occasion than false histories with mask of truthful they reach the most unsuspected corners. As a snow ball, the social networks make get at all parts supposed information that sometimes are deceits: from requests of help by hypothetical diseases that derive in thymuses until hostile messages that they look for to discredit to€¦

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How much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are dedicated

When thinking about creation of digital contents always the same question arises: how much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are really dedicated.

The creation of digital contents goes much more there of the article writing for corporative blogs, the journalistic news or the classic wedges of radio. For around a lustrum, the video platform online par excellence, YouTube, agglutinates to some of the creators of content of most successful at world-wide level. What at first they were personal channels in which usuary initially anonymous his raised€¦

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Hawkers: the revolution based on the social communication and networks

Cover on Facebook of the brand of Hawkers glasses.

As in the urban legend of Silicon Valley, but without home in a garage, Costa Blanca version and an excellent management of the communication they have taken to this brand of glasses to become an icon of the social networks. Two young people of Alicante and other two of Elche that their ways by pure chance united have won throughout the week pages and space in newspapers€¦

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The value of soccer for the promotion of the tourism in Alicante

Soccer is an ally for the promotion of the tourism in Alicante.

The promotion of the tourism in Alicante has a winter ally. The Costa Blanca is referring a tourist one in many scopes. In summer, their beaches are a reclamation for million people and the gastronomy, its natural wealth or the history of their cities also attract a great number of visitors. Nevertheless, the great challenge for the sector always has been the deseasonalisation: to obtain that the flow of tourists€¦

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Crisis management in social networks: the ten orders

The ten orders of the crisis management in social networks

Our profiles in Internet are the digital facade of our company. A place in which to agglutinate our followers, to share interest information and to present kindness our product. But, from one day to the next, without apparently it has happened nothing of gravity, we were with a pump. The crisis management in social networks is vital to maintain the good image and reputation of our company€¦

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Publicity in Internet: Instagramers, ambassadors of fashion brands

Instagramers already has arrived even at the covers of the magazines.

The publicity in Internet has changed the form to promote products. The tendencies in mass media promotion are clear: this year 2017 already is going to have more weight Internet than the television so that the companies present what they wish to sell. One of the concurred slopes more in the network is Instagram, a social network initially thought to share photographies that over the years€¦

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Management of social networks: Allow will Twitter to publish tuits?

To publish tweets can change the form to understand and to use Twitter and the management of social networks.

The management of social networks could have a significant change next. The social network of microblogging par excellence, Twitter, has in hand a decision that can change the form to send messages in its application, and by that the illustrious users of their services often finish in mass media. Twitter, as it recognized his CEO Jack Dorsey, shuffles the option to allow to publish tweets one€¦

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Snapchat and digital marketing: the revolution of the video in direct

The union between Snapchat and digital marketing can be very beneficial for the companies.

Already several years ago the social networks the future stopped being to become an obligation for the companies. All agency of communication of companies, businesses and SMEs that works during the day to day inbound marketing has in the corporative profiles of Twitter and Facebook a fishing-ground of potential clients and users for its products, but there is a high risk of which their messages have little€¦

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Social networks and charity: the lie as source of income

Sometimes, social networks and charity are put to the service of the bad intention of many people.

Many are the companies that resort to an agency of communication for companies, businesses and SMEs in which to delegate its image in Internet as a source of income. The businessmen see in this sector a niche explode to expand their areas of business, and apparently more than a hostile person he has decided to talk back the model outside the club world. Social networks and charity are united,€¦

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Tendencies in budgets of publicity for 2017

The tendencies in publicity budgets indicate that Internet has more weight than the television

The work tools evolve with the advances of the technology, the improvement of the different techniques and the passage of time. Where thirty years ago there was money to appear in paper newspapers, billboards or spot of television now there is it for digital marketing, social networks or influencers. The tendencies in publicity budgets are not other people's to the change, and agrees to observe the changes that experiment to adapt to€¦

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