They have touched to ceiling the social networks? Of a time to this part, many users sail by his feeds with a similar sensation: they always are with the same. The stereotypes as the false appearance of permanent happiness, the hoaxes, the food, the cats or the glorification of the friendship follow one another photo after photo, always presented in identical formats, and many usuary faithfuls begin search further on. Against this background, as from the anything, Vero arises: thus it is the new social network that catches the attention of the digital world.

In a panorama dominated by the unquestionable hegemony of Facebook, that also it controls to the hundreds of million users of Instagram, outsiders always has been with growth difficulties. Twitter begins to see small green buds after an almost eternal passage by the desert, Reddit has a faithful public but it costs to him to internationalize itself and Snapchat follows without taking off after the sense of expectancy created with its exit to stock market.

Have does capacity more social networks?

When it seems that the thousands of million people who almost daily connect themselves to some social network no longer they have more variety nor market where to look, suddenly the center in Vero is put: a platform that had been years online, without hardly importance, and that has increased in million users its record number practically overnight.

Unlike some of its competitors, or the illustrious projects that €“ al Hawkers- style was practically born in a garage, Vero does not arise from the anything. Ayman Hariri, multimillionaire son of ex- prime minister of Lebanon accused of corruption, is between its suit of founders and exerts as CEO of a company that has not been born and grown by a trail, but follows a noticeable strategy of growth with which to catch, as far as possible, the maximum market share that can.

The Vero manifesto: What does different?

In the webpage of Vero, the own social network publishes a manifesto in which it presents his values and elements differentials. In him, they assure that the great social networks at world-wide level have put in front their own interests to those of the users, something that in Vero would not happen.

A social network, as they assure, that it allows the users to be they themselves, to choose what shares with whom and, in addition, not to be necessarily friend of all that one person with whom they connect: as it happens in real life, there are different degrees from entailment between people, and those degrees can imply a greater or smaller access to the information of each user.

Its business of model, as they recognize, is based on the subscriptions. The filtrate scandals of data and violation of privacy of the users would be outside the equation in Vero: to not being a gratuitous platform, the advertisers are not those that have the power through the information.

Vero is, according to they themselves, €œtrue€ a social network. €œAn authentic€ platform in which, simply, they connect people. But in that, investigating a little are more, also questionable elements.

Influencers: taken care of with Vero

The social network of which some gurºs have gotten to say that it will overthrow to Instagram has, nevertheless, a somewhat dangerous policy if it aspires to catch to influencers and all the followers who drag. One of the main reasons is that, in spite of supposed the greater protection for the privacy of the users by the subscription model, the conditions of use indicate that any published content automatically happens to be, without possibility of claim nor retort, property of Vero.

This reason, that it has taken to many people who live on their image to think twice if they wanted to give all rights to a third party, has lowered the souffl© in which Vero rose few weeks ago. There is no major eloquence that the one of the data: Google Trends shows how in Spain the level of searches was minimum, had an enormous tip of searches and, when it lowered, as soon as it little followed its course over the first stage.

Searches of Vero in Google Spain
Searches of Vero in Google Spain

Gotten tired have the users of the social networks? He is complex to know it. The only thing surely is that more than 2,000 million people they frequently use them in the world and that, if somebody wants to clear to Mark Zuckerberg the throne, the sceptre and the crown to him, it will have to scale a mountain, very very high.

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