Tendencies in marketing of contents

Tendencies in marketing of contentsDigital marketing is in constant evolution, reason why all the agents implied in him practically are forced to a constant formation and a recycling practically day after day in many of their practices. He is not less in the case of one of the kings of the industry: the new tendencies in marketing of contents maintain the objective and background, but they renew formats and tools constantly.

But, how we can know what line to follow? Aside from fixing us to the great companies, a resource always very helped before the lack of an official light, in this post we compiled some of the tendencies in marketing of contents to which already we would have to be raised. More bond to be first that to have to trim differences in the future.

Vertical, vertical, vertical

It is not a newness that the movable devices are the great kings in the Internet consumption, reason why the tendencies in marketing of contents adapt to dance to are of their music. To make photos or to record videos with the screen in vertical, that two years ago hardly practically saw as an evil use of the cameras of the mobile phones, is now what marks rules at the time of generating new contents.

A simple tracking by some of the most influential profiles of Instagram, announcements in YouTube, Instagram Stories€¦ More and more the contents adapt to be consumed in the natural position of the mobile phone, as we maintain it for its use of the day to day, and the vertical formats €“ traditional of the computer screens they are in background.

Originality and quality

The algorithms of Google already for a long time they have been more intelligent than ever we could get to dream. No longer it is worth with filling our post of keywords and to trust that the robot of Google reads them and positions to us in good place. More and more it prioritizes the quality and the originality: the finder will read our post and will know if rankearlo is worth the pain or if it must happen unnoticed.

Olvid©monos to make jugglings with posts so that all the key words fit of forced and unnecessary way and centr©monos in which to Google really interests to him: the experience of the user. And the question is simple: How to make improve that experience? Offering a really interesting content and of quality that causes that the user remains in our page time at the most better. And that returns.

Virtual reality as one of the tendencies in marketing of contents

Already for a long time it has been coming being listened to in professional scopes that the virtual reality is going to be the main tool of consumption of contents of the future. And, although still it is not it in the present, already has arrived the moment for home to put hands to the work. The videos in 360 degrees adapted to the format of the glasses allow to a capacity of until now unattainable interaction and a experience, reason why it agrees to adapt to it.

Although still it can seem something distant, this format is one of those tendencies in marketing of contents at which we do not want to arrive behind schedule. By all means, to maximize the experience that supposes the virtual reality, it can (and it must) be complemented with reality increased and tools of artificial intelligence. The perfect stand for casks.

Date content

If in a characteristic digital marketing with respect to the conventional one is better, without a doubt it is in his capacity of measurement and analysis. The data are there: aprovech©moslos for everything. At this point of 2018, already we took to sufficient time working the digital facet of our companies as so that an analysis of the data helps us that is to say what works and what no, what our users protest and what he gives them equal.

For this reason, to base our production on the conclusions drawn by means of data science will suppose a double benefit: we will know better what loves our followers and consumers, and for them the experience and the content to its reach will be more attractive and compatible to its interests. In addition, that will allow us to reach the hypersegmentation at the time of spreading it, since the profile of our users more will be defined and in tune.

Specific content B2B

Or we spoke of B2B as one of the facets in which influencers would be introduced soon, but or it is also the ocean to explore and one of the tendencies in marketing of contents to consider. The professionalisation and improves of the techniques of digital marketing cause that no longer it is a set of techniques only focused to the end-user, on sale direct of a product or service.

To offer value content can be equally valuable in professional niches of companies that only work with and for other companies. The segmentation of the social networks in professional groups, the power acquired by LinkedIn and the progressive digitalization of all the agents involved in the enterprise world also makes that the companies as independent beings are already consuming of marketing of contents. And, if they are there, it will be necessary to give them what they ask.

Not only it must remain in the blog

The strategy of our marketing of contents must be extrapolated beyond our Web. The writing and quality of our Copy will cause that it induces our possible client to realise so €œwished€ conversion or buys. Of there the importance that the optimization in our texts considers in other aspects of our digital strategy as the social average marketing, the writing of newsletters, the design of computer graphics or the edition of videos.

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