marketing in vertical format

marketing in vertical formatThe habits of consumption of the users are evolving with time, and the commercial messages adapt them. Each support has made dance to the publicists and designers to conform itself to its own characteristics: the traditional wedges of radio, the spots of television, the pages of publicity in press or banners in Internet have had their own advantages and messages, as now it begins it to have the one sees as support of present and future: marketing in adapted vertical format to the screens of the movable devices.

What percentage of the traffic accumulates the mobile phones? In April of 2016 the point arrived from flexion that, year and a half later, already completely is assumed at all the levels: for the first time, the mobile surpassed to the computer as device of access to Internet, according to the Report on the Society of the Information in Spain. The digitalization of the users arrived before the one from the advertisers, and during a phase many obsolete messages and contents in their format have been with, not adapted to smartphones.

In 2017, great part of the traffic of the webpages comes from movable devices, something or known by the leaders of the sector (Apple and its iPhone, Android devices as Samsung, BW or Huawei), but to which many creators of contents and advertisers have still not adapted. Those are the habits of consumption of the users that determine what contents are created, although until puzle fits perfectly it can have a stage of certain phase angle.

Apps that saw come marketing in vertical format

Although the adaptation of the contents to a format responsive still is not successful to the 100%, certain platforms saw come the supremacy from smartphone on the other devices before the data gave the reason them. It is the case of Snapchat and Periscope, two apps that does not cross their better moment in 2017 but which they have managed to agglutinate at any moment to million users in front of the screens of his mobiles betting by marketing in vertical format. Contents adapted to the screen of the telephone as we see it, if necessity to give the return him.

Snapchat and Periscope based their strength on only accessible utilities from the mobile phones: the vertical format as sign of identity of some contained that smoothed the land for everything what was about to come. Now, developers, journalists, editors and, generally, companies that are dedicated to the creation of contents, begin to think about the infinite advantages to send messages that can be consumed anywhere.

smartphone digital marketing

Marketing in vertical format can much more be effective by its facility of consumption: to look at the mobile phone can occur on the subway, walking by the street, in the bed or class. To adapt the messages to computers will imply that the content cannot be enjoyed or be consumed in the best conditions until occurs very concrete of the day to day of the user a little while. The mobile already is an extension of the hand.

The social networks as front door

The data of support and traffic in Internet are changing with time. Where before there were portable desktop computers and, now there are mobile phones. Where before there were oblong screens, now they are vertical. The natural form to look at smartphone is having it €˜standing up€™, which demands that the market offers contents that can be consumed of that form.

In fact, the reproducers multimedia of some of the great social networks as Twitter or Facebook already appears automatically supporting the vertical format, as well as some of the announcements of YouTube, shown to be able only turn in complete screen in mobile phones.

The limitations and loss of perspective that the elaborated actions of videomarketing for vertical screens imply now are analyzed to the millimeter to be able to contribute to new approaches and styles that allow to be useful to the maximum what the users have in the hand and put in front of their eyes. From the understanding of that challenge, just as those that see in the horizon with the virtual reality and the artificial intelligence, the more effective announcements and contents in a propitious context for it will arise. The consumption of Internet through mobile increases.

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