The Instagram Stories dominate the world of the ephemeral thing in the networks. But, it is an original idea?

The Instagram Stories dominate the world of the ephemeral thing in the networks. But, it is an original idea?Instagram Stories it has supposed a revolution without precedents in the social networks. Years after the assimilation of the different networks as an element more from the day from day of the users, the fashion of the ephemeral thing has brought about a new form to understand the handling - personal as as much professional of the different platforms. But this fever was not born in Instagram.

Shortly after its purchase on the part of Facebook by more than 500 million dollars, Instagram €“ that to date was limited to be a social network of lovers of the photography began to revolutionize its services. From the inclusion of photos of different formats (at the outset, they only could be square) to videos, albums in a same publication and, finally, already I illustrate Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Stories consist of photos or videos that disappear 24 hours after their publication. They are, really, an exact copy of the Snapchat model: a company that Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy time and time again until, after multiple supplies and to surprise itself against a wall in more than an occasion, ignited the light bulb to him. Its idea: it is not necessary to buy the company, is enough with tracing the base of his success.

Snapchat, in addition to by its ephemeral states in the form of photo and video, emphasized by the call increased reality: filters that were placed automatically, glasses that were put in the face of the person who becomes a selfie or, for example, an enormous language that leaves the mouth of the people who appear in the image.

Instagram had changed of proprietors and also of character: initially it was an almost marginal, exclusive social network for iPhone and with a use very defined for loving people of the photography. In just a short time, it happened to open themselves to all type of devices, to diversify enormously his content and to base good part of his consumption on an idea that originally was not hers: the Instagram Stories.

Those ephemeral states made in Snapchat have become the main strength of now the social network pertaining to Facebook. They are the first that appears in the interface once is acceded to the application, and long ago simpler sign economy to be able to raise Instagram Stories that photos to the traditional style.

Instagram Stories: the student who surpasses the professor

He does few months, the exit to stock market of Snapchat was sounded by the great value that the markets granted to the application: more than 22,000 million dollars of capitalization for a company that did not sell anything tangible, whose technological base and outlandish proprietors did not invite indeed to the confidence and with an extraordinary competition that did exactly just like they: all the ingredients made think that it was a bubble, and thus was finally.

Now, with the giant of the yellow ghost quoting in the North American park with a value very below which it reached in his exit to stock market (only two months later a quarter of its value had fallen already), the equation has been solved of the most foreseeable form that it was possible: the Instagram incognito at any moment had the frying pan by the handle.

But, if he is the same and in addition Snapchat left before, why prevailed the original hasn't idea and yes a sent plagiarism years later? Mainly, by reach. Snapchat has around 166 million daily active users, but the inclusion on the part of Facebook of similar services in Instagram and its own main social network has opened its use to a community that clears the 3,000 million users - it does few months, Facebook reached 2,000 million and Instagram almost at the same time surpassed the 700 million users, 12 of them in Spain.

The fever of the Instagram Stories is like many influencers of social networks acquire hundreds of Euros to publish labeling them to brands or showing products. Hundreds of Euros by some images that to the 24 hours will stop being accessible for the followers, but whose operational range surpasses to the one of the published photos permanently, especially by their ephemeral character.

Value of ephemeral, that from the first moment was the letter that played Snapchat in this game, was an advantage differential: unconsciously, the quick user attention. The photo will last in its screen some seconds, and 24 hours later it will be eliminated, reason why the users lie down to make more case to the Instagram Stories that to scroll that they do while they lower in his timeline.

Really, an enterprise conflict that affects to the million users of social networks day to day, and to that in ComunicAlicante loans much attention as agency of digital marketing in Alicante that works daily with these platforms.

The do-nothing policy of Snapchat, that to day of today practically continues living on its nuclear idea, has been squashed completely by Facebook and Instagram with a simple prescription: to take the part of the model with potential to operate themselves, to include it in a more amiable and simple interface and to bet of determined form for that reason. More than a student surpassing to his professor it is a plagiarism benefitting to the violator.

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