ComunicAlicante in 2018: a full year of challenges and projects

Comunicalicante 2018

The end arrives from the year and, with him, the ideal moment to make balance of the course that finishes. For that reason, we want to throw the view back and to review the most outstanding landmarks for ComunicAlicante in 2018: clients and projects that have allowed to develop our work us, to learn new techniques and tools with which to improve our services and, mainly, to give the maximum one to secure to the results as much that who us€¦

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The nougat of more international Alicante is also mediatic

nougat antenna 3

There is no Christmas without nougat of Alicante in Spain. Because the one that is consumed in almost all parts usually is elaborated in the province of Alicante. Concretely in the locality of Xixona. The arrival from the typical candy to the linear stores and of the supermarkets marks the arrival of so indicated dates. Something that not only happens more early, but even gets to have permanent character due to€¦

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Audit Web: the starting point of your project of digital marketing

Audit Web

Independent of if a business it offers professional services, if its fort is the commerce in Internet or if she is a manufacturer of any type of material, when it thinks about opening itself to the world of digital marketing, the starting point must be the same. The webpage is the central pillar of any project of marketing online, but before putting it in the showcase it agrees to realise an analysis to know€¦

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Five keys of the corporative communication for SMEs

Corporative communication for SMEs

He is frequent to read and to listen that the comunicativas actions are a territory reserved for the great companies and corporations. The mass media lie down to pay more attention to what they realise companies of relevance and openwork, as is logical, but that does not mean that, touching the suitable keys and with an elaborated and executed good strategy, a company of smaller volume cannot sit down to eat in€¦

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Cabinet of crisis in communication: the real case of the false poisoning of a British family

False poisoning of a British family

The day to day of many companies, mainly those of greater volume, openwork and relevance, takes implicit a communicative work that becomes especially important when it appears some informative crisis. A denunciation that jumps to means or a viral one against our interests can require the activation of a cabinet of crisis in communication that help the company to safeguard their image before the public opinion,€¦

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SEO on Page: how to optimize the contents for dummies

SEO on Page

What it does not leave in Google does not exist. Or it exists, but as if it did not do it. Because what a unknown user cannot find in Internet when looks for a product or unknown service is not worth to him don't mention it. Beyond the campaigns of digital marketing, the social networks or the advertising management in platforms as Google AdWords, a gratuitous and useful form to position our page and to improve€¦

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Five advice to take care of your digital reputation (or the one of your company)

Digital reputation

Nowadays, if we are not in Internet is as if we did not exist. And, although that takes to ambiguity to many people, does not mean that what appears in the network is the complete photography€¦ But it is the first impression that we give to potentials interested in our profile, or to count on our products or services or to establish some type of contact. For it, it is fundamental that€¦

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How to secure more reach in Instagram: Stories or publications?

How to secure more reach in Instagram

That the battle of the social networks is dissolved in Instagram is not something new. With Facebook practically left by chance, Twitter relegated to a paper between informative and the residual and the universe to influencer governing Internet with iron fist, practically any department of social average of the enterprise panorama has realized of which in 2018, to be excellent, it is necessary to be in Instagram. And, before€¦

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Political marketing in social networks: foundations of the public communication

Political marketing in social networks

The forms to communicate have lived a revolution in the last years. Internet has opened the doors to a new world in which the feedback between emitters and receivers of the messages, together with the multicanalidad, marks rules and allows that all the agents who comprise of the channel some to the other come near. Sportsmen of elite, artists, intellectuals or different famous figures can interact with€¦

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Five advice of Facebook Ads to take your campaign successfully

Advice of Facebook Ads

The world of digital marketing, since it already operated his professionalisation some ago years, is weaving a network of tools, techniques and procedures of sale and publicity never before seen nor imagined. One of most prolific is par excellence in the social network, that as much has in its advertising platform a gold mine for itself as for that knows to use it: here some advice of Facebook go€¦

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