Coaching and communication: the overcoming of Lourdes Carmona arrives at Elche

Coaching and communication are taken of the hand for an expert day in Elche.

One of the extended definitions of coaching more is the one of that one process that tries to cover the emptiness between which she is a person and what it wishes to be. It is a discipline whose practice implies a total communication between coach (that it distributes) and coachee (the receiver). It is not a therapy nor a treatment: the coach is limited to as much internalise the present situation as wished of his coachee,€¦

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Cadena Ser brings to Alicante best marketing and communication

Toni Segarra, creative advertising

The Audience of the Delegation of Alicante (ADDA) will in full dress get dressed next the 29 November on the occasion of the celebration of the I Branding Day. The event, organized by Cadena Ser, will bring to the capital of the Costa Blanca to referring world-wide of marketing and communication, that will share with the attending experiences and accumulated experiences during his resisted races. Everything with main a plot thread: the understood communication€¦

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Marketing and enterprise communication: to re-invent themselves or to die?


What resources and techniques of marketing must dominate the company to compete in the global world and digitalis? What is the effective communication in the social networks and the surroundings Web? They develop to the companies marketing and the enterprise communication that corresponds at the moment at which we lived? Those and some other similar questions will try to be responded in the enterprise day that will be celebrated the next Thursday, day 10€¦

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€œFacebook Ads allows to sell by Internet without having a webpage€

Carlos Bravo, in one of its courses.

Facebook Ads is the advertising slope of the revolution that the social network devised by Mark Zuckerberg has supposed in the way to consume content and, could also be assured, to use Internet by the people most of. A tool already indispensable for community managers and all that one that wants to increase its diffusion of its brand and, really, the minting in the network. Next days 7€¦

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Prizes Web Alicante, seal of quality for the companies

Finery of delivery of the Prizes Web of the Truth of Alicante PHOTO: ALEX DOMINGUEZ

The luck is thrown. The past Monday 17 of October the term of inscription to the Prizes was closed Web Alicante that organizes the newspaper the Truth of Alicante. It is the eighth edition of an award that reunites to an important sector of the enterprise weave of Alicante, that year after year sees how multitude of societies concurs to try to take the victory in some of their six categories: corporative Webs,€¦

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Alicante looks from last Fundesem in marketing the online thing

Evento de Marketing Digital in Fundesem Alicante

Fundesem Business School, school of businesses of national and international reference located in the city of Alicante, will celebrate next the 25 of October its intensive factory of new tendencies in marketing online and digital tools. Jos© Manuel Rodr­guez, person in charge of Marketing Online of the Avante company Marketing & Means, and Jesºs Suso Teixidor, general director of the company, will be the rapporteurs in an afternoon spent to the sector of Digital Marketing,€¦

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