Eemeting 2018

Eemeting 2018

A year plus the EEME Business School returns to surprise with its Congress of Eemeeting Marketing, because in this 7º edition of the event has seted out to surpass the expectations of all the assistants, being introduced diverse new features to us that will not leave indifferent anybody.

Next the 23 February in the Palace of Congresses of Alicante lovers of digital marketing will be able to enjoy an exciting day of communications lead by the veteran Clara Soler, consultant of Digital and specialistic Marketing in Inbound Marketing and Social Average. But in addition, the assistants will be able to participate in diverse workshop or factories of marketing deepening in subjects as; email marketingchatbotssocial selling, KPIs, etc.

These workshops have limited places and they will be developed in two turns being useful the morning schedule; Turn To of 9:00 - 11:00 and Turn B of 12:00 - 14:00. Raºl Abad (Digital Marketing Manager in adSalsa), Santiago Colomo (coordinating of the School Open in EEME Business School), Isidro P©rez (responsible for development of business and strategic management in He advances Solutions) and Alexis L³pez (general director in EEME Business School), are the experts who will especially guide the course of these factories in which the interactivity between the participants prevails, and always oriented a point of view practitioner.

An annual appointment in which marketing gets dressed in its better finery to receive in the scene to a list of rapporteurs recognized international level, and which they will be wrapped by entrepreneurs, people in active search of use, businessmen who are thinking about digitizing their models of business, or simply people who wish to improve their knowledge on this scope. All these profiles with the same ingredient common, its passion by digital marketing.

The assistants will share an exciting afternoon in whom cases of successes of entrepreneurs as the one of Estefi Martinez will be listened to, the illustrator who mounted ecommerce without having nor idea of the world online. Many of the communications will have the function to motivate to most inexpert in the matter so that they cheer up to take the first step towards the digital era. On the other hand, subjects as the gamificaci³n, inclusive marketing will treat, the reputation online and some advice will facilitate themselves very practitioners so that the static companies more technologically speaking, can understand the importance of investing in the use of data and the retention of the talent, as elements nail for their own survival in the digital surroundings.

Rapporteurs Eemeeting 2018

Some of the rapporteurs that EEME Business School has been able to reunite for this new edition of eemeeting are:

€“ Gerson Beltr¡n: Co-founder of Marketingeo, geomarketing specialist &CMO of Play&go experience.

€“ Luis Casado: Consultant in Accessibility and Universal and creative Design of the project Inclusive marketing.

€“ Crist³bal Fern¡ndez: Dircom of

€“ Cristina Hern¡ndez: Project Marketing Manager & Digital Marketing in Google Activates to you.

€“ Marilº Hern¡ndez: Attached to Publishing Direction IT&IS in Observatory on specialized Artificial intelligence in Chatbots.

€“ Estefi Martinez: Illustrator and founder of the brand Pedrita Parker.

€“ Armando Montes: Expert in technology VR & AR in Zerintia Technologies.

€“ Fernando Mu±oz: CEO of Mr. Mu±oz.

€“ Andr©s Pedre±o: Co-founder of IT&IS and President of AlicanTEC.

€“ Ana Santos: Adviser of communication and digital marketing.


The communications will begin to the 17:00 and will finalize on the 21:00 with a round table that includes one varied thematic selection, trying to shell the most important aspects of the present time of marketing and their idiosyncrasy.

The finery will finalize with the delivery of prizes EEME, in which it is awarded to the best companies or startups than is outstanding in 2017 by their innovation and its strategic differentiation in the use of marketing. In addition, just graduated as the Masters to Digital Marketing and Social Networks they will discover what is the student who has been chosen to receive the prize DREEMER, that is granted to the best project of digital transformation.

This new edition counts on the collaboration of more than 80 means, organizations and associations, between which our agency of communication is included.

Doubt that does not fit, VII the Eemeeting will be a great occasion to make contact and to extend the knowledge on digital marketing of the hand of the best professionals of the sector.

As in previous editions, the entrance to eemeeting completely returns to be gratuitous for all the public, but to be able to attend a previous inscription is necessary. If you are interested and you do not want that they tell you you can score puncturing here.


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