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Alicante is land of digital marketing and communication. Many, very varied and (mainly) very good have been the recent examples in the province. We have attended iDay, of shared in common character; to enjoy coaching of Lourdes Carmona or to the always fruitful breeding ground of knowledge that is Fundesem. There are courses of formation, m¡steres of different related branches and a countless number from professionals of first level in the sector. The next Thursday day 9, always nourished agenda of Fundesem makes hollow to a new event of the matter with Digital Think FBS, cl­nic Web with which to be soaked of knowledge.

Until already mentioned place two of the most powerful personalities will go in which to digital marketing it talks about in Alicante. They will be Isabel Romero, training consultant and in all the arts related to the SEO, copywriting and marketing digital generally, and Javier Gosende, consulting and also training in SEO and specialist in analytical Web. A stellar alignment so that, during four hours, the assistants have the opportunity to be soaked of the best ones in one of the main cradles of formation of Alicante.

This formative day will have a as simple format as direct. Both expert and protagonists in the afternoon will audit during afternoon whom this Digital Think lasts several webpages of which another assistant. Its positioning will be analyzed of first hand SEO in the different web search engines, their level of usability and the adapted thing of its strategy of copywriting.

A practical and didactic event in which both training ones, as much Isabel Romero as Javier Gosende, will throw of all their expertise step by step to shell each page of a meticulous form. They will be the ones in charge to direct the analysis methodology, will share with all the assistants the different elements from consultancy and the tools that use in the daily development of their work.

All the information on Digital Think

The assistants, who will be able to accede in the afternoon to the event from five and the average one, will see with their own eyes how two expert consultants audit a webpage that could (and it will be) hers. An accelerated course to learn as much to being consulting of own pages as of portals of clients, with the methodologies more outposts and the tools that the experts in the sector dominate and use at the time to day.

One will audit a store online, a blog and a webpage of some company of services: three examples different with a same background, the one to know retail how to be able to improve the different aspects from the Web that will repel in a better positioning, a experience of pleasanter navigation for the user and a greater knowledge of the resources which they will be able to have the assistants when they are enabled to send itself by themselves to the swimming pool.

Really, a new sample than Fundesem Business School offers as center of interdisciplinary formation, but also the nth example of how the province of Alicante has introduced completely in the world of the positioning SEO, copywriting and different the mechanical ones from digital marketing that they place before the eyes of the world to the different pieces that form the powerful enterprise weave of Alicante.


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