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Alicante is land of digital marketing and communication. Many, very varied and (mainly) very good have been the recent examples in the province. We have attended iDay, of shared in common character; to enjoy coaching of Lourdes Carmona or to the always fruitful breeding ground of knowledge that is Fundesem. There are courses of formation, m¡steres of different related branches and a countless number from professionals of first level in the sector. The next one€¦

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Webinar: method of an interactive and gratuitous formation

Webinar it is an interactive and often gratuitous form to form in some specific field.

The communication in social networks for companies, businesses and SMEs has become an indispensable element nowadays. Beyond great companies with specific departments in charge of experts in the matter, many are the employees of small and medians societies that they must multiply his functions and competitions to be able to dedicate part of his time to Internet and the presence of his company in€¦

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Courses of formation in social networks and digital marketing in Alicante

courses of digital marketing and social networks in Alicante

The communication, digital marketing and the social networks comprise of the day to day of companies, businesses and SMEs. The particular industrial revolution that lives the sector on the publicity in Internet is causing that every time is except the companies that are not opened to the digital world. In context in that it seems that what is not in Internet does not exist, the companies bet by€¦

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To write press notes: it approaches your company means


To write press notes is the first step so that a company appears in means.  Something that, although seems difficult to believe, he is not something reserved exclusively to the societies with great budgets for publicity and nourished marketing departments. The design of efficient strategies and creative initiatives is as important as to know to present them to the press so that the journalists who work in newspapers, radio, television or channels€¦

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€œFacebook Ads allows to sell by Internet without having a webpage€

Carlos Bravo, in one of its courses.

Facebook Ads is the advertising slope of the revolution that the social network devised by Mark Zuckerberg has supposed in the way to consume content and, could also be assured, to use Internet by the people most of. A tool already indispensable for community managers and all that one that wants to increase its diffusion of its brand and, really, the minting in the network. Next days 7€¦

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