iDay, the shared in common event of digital marketing in Alicante

iDay, the shared in common event of digital marketing in AlicanteSolidarity and digital marketing the past took of the hand Friday in the University of Alicante. During an intense afternoon, iDay won the glances of the professionals and followers of the sector, with the presence and communication of four experts in the matter and with the attendance of public interesting in which did not lack ComunicAlicante.

The day began with the chat that offered lvaro Fontela, of Raiola Networks. With him, a skillful class of WPO and how to have contentment to Google with optimizing the speed of load of our webpages. The conclusion was clear: a good optimization and a speed of sharpened load or can be so important for the positioning SEO as the correct use of keywords, or €“ the one that directly took to the following communication to avoid the cannibalisation.

The Galician music of Fontela filled the room of knowledge in depth in a field relatively little explored at the time of optimizing the positionings. To make agile the speed of load much more goes there to reduce the weight of the photos, and thus it let know it the expert, whose left hand in this field has turned to him into a reference on the matter.

In that respect Nacho Benavides pronounced itself, of WebPositer (sponsoring of iDay), that shelled inch to inch all the occasions in which, we realize or no, we can fall in cannibalisation practices. Between the tricks to avoid one emphasized it: the order.

A clean organization of the map Web, so that we can avoid to duplicate key words in the different categories and URLs, is the key not to incur practices that take to us to desoptimizar the positioning of the page, that as much work costs to obtain.

After a pause to take a banquet, rapporteurs and assistants they returned to its armchairs. It was then the turn for Miguel ngel Pau, who with a profile technician more explained the exciting world of the marked one of structured data. It explained how to play with the codes to put it easy to Google at the time of indexing and finding the information that we want to count to the world from our pages.

And, to close the day of communications, the honor was for an expert in more powerful the advertising tool of Internet: AdWords. Ana Henao, with more than one decade and hundreds of experiences to its backs in this niche, counted to the assistants what to consider, what to do and what not at the time of structuring a SEM campaign. With her, to create announcements in AdWords and not to die in the attempt become possible.

When Ana Henao finished off its task, it was the moment for the round table and the questions of a public who demonstrated his high level. After four chats aiming the doubts in the notebook, the interested ones could ask the rapporteur of their preference the doubts that had arisen by the way: a live consulting service, with expert opinions based on years of work that served to more than one to solve particular injustices.

In summary, a congress that left a good one I put in all the assistants, who in addition to receiving a gratuitous formation express and of high quality collaborated with their generous donations (the only requirement to attend era to contribute a kilo of nonperishable food at least) with C¡ritas Alicante. Two fields, the digital marketing and the solidarity, that walked together an edition of iDay, whose point and end are not more than the home of the preparation of the next call.

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