IDay is one of the most important events of marketing online in Alicante.

Next day 17, the world of marketing online in Alicante has an inescapable appointment in the Alfredo Orts Hall the University of Alicante. The event at issue is the well-known as iDay: a day in which the new digital tendencies as the SEO or the marketing of contents occurs the hand with solidarity thanks to the collaboration with C¡ritas. Through brief chats, of hardly 30 minutes, the assistants will be able to be soaked of the wisdom of the rapporteurs, authentic professionals of the matter.

The day, that is celebrated quarterly in the capital of the Costa Blanca, will count in this occasion with four rapporteurs of much level. They will be Ana Henao, Nacho Benavides, Alvaro marketing-online-in-Alicante-it confersFontela and Miguel Pau, all of them experts in different niches within the sector from digital marketing. They will try different thematic, all of them focused to improve the presence, image and visibilizaci³n of the companies in Internet thanks the most innovating techniques. 

There will be time to speak of the optimization of the speed of load, the best techniques to guess right with the SEO onpage or of campaigns of AdWords, but also to interact with the rapporteurs and even for a coffee. An intense afternoon of marketing in Alicante with gratuitous inscription and that, in addition, will be able to be followed by streaming through its own webpage.

Although the inscription for the event is gratuitous, is an essential requirement for the assistants. Each one of the people who attend will have to take with himself at least a nonperishable kilo of food that C¡ritas will be in charge to donate the needed people more. All this, with the presentation and conduction of one of the most recognizable voices of the media of Alicante, the one of the journalist of the chain Denis Rodr­guez CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET.

A stretched and shared in common way to learn of marketing online in Alicante, to know and to interact with people who move in that scope and to discover the last new features in the sector. All an opportunity for professionals, fans and agencies of communication in Alicante or any other place that wants to be of the last techniques.

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