WhatsApp marketing: the 10 orders so that the user does not ignore to you

The ten orders of the WhatsApp marketing.

The techniques of digital marketing are refined and adapting to the technological evolution to maximize their impact. The consumers are more and more obstinate to the purely advertising messages, reason why agencies and specialists in marketing take pains to innovate in their campaigns and search the formula that generates a greater impact. The WhatsApp marketing has been opened as a great alternative: it uses as via arriving at€¦

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Marketing of contents: ten orders so that your strategy is successful

The marketing of contents can be successful if we know what you rule we must follow.

The marketing of contents is vitally important in the strategy of communication for companies and their extension to digital marketing. To handle a corporative blog is fundamental so that the company controls by itself what wants to communicate, how it wants to do it and until where can arrive. It is a direct route to connect with the consumer, to create the wished image name brand and not to depend on mass media stops€¦

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Storytelling as basic tool of inbound marketing

Storytelling present, is passed and future of marketing.

Storytelling is one of the terms more appellants nowadays in inbound marketing and marketing of contents. The simple translation of the word already gives the definition us of the concept: to count histories. This technique of marketing, that does not have anything of novel, consists of which the brands connect with their users and potentials clients through the empathy that generates a powerful history. That entailment, cradle in€¦

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Digital marketing, ally of the administration of property

Administration of property and digital marketing

Administration of property and digital marketing, what have common? Although it at first seems difficult to find the relation him, is a sector with great possibilities in the application of the new technologies of the information. The joint ownerships of property have been always by definition a place where the interpersonal relations have had great weight, with meetings, conversations, debates and not few mix-ups between the neighbors who integrate it€¦.

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iDay, the shared in common event of marketing online in Alicante

IDay is one of the most important events of marketing online in Alicante.

Next day 17, the world of marketing online in Alicante has an inescapable appointment in the Alfredo Orts Hall the University of Alicante. The event at issue is the well-known as iDay: a day in which the new digital tendencies as the SEO or the marketing of contents occurs the hand with solidarity thanks to the collaboration with C¡ritas. Through brief chats, of€¦

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