Assassinated journalists

Assassinated journalistsMany places of the planet continue being dangerous to exert the media. Corners from which to transfer information of first hand for the rest of the world has become a risk office. Totalitarian governments who try to avoid the exit of information, terrorist groups that they see in the reporters external enemies, armed bands, delinquency€¦ A countless number of situations that do not do more than, year after year, to increase the lists of assassinated journalists.

The last case has happened in one of the hottest points of the world for the journalists: Mexico. The last one of the assassinated journalists, a publisher of the head the Graph of called Xalapa Jorge Ruiz, is in fact the third journalist assassinated in less than one week. Ninth, only in Mexico, in which it goes of year.

Jorge Ruiz is one of the paradigmaticest cases of assassinated journalists. A person who, to inform on sensible cases, had received death threats. Threats that, before the final event, had been translated in attacks. And before that, incomprehensibly, the which had preventive measures established by the own Local Office of the public prosecutor had not been applied, that admitted that the reporter must have counted with escort.

The case of Mexico is especially delicate for the press. Mainly, because it is a country that, unlike the other territories of the world where the office supposes a danger, one is not in state military. He is habitual to not as much know the news assassinated journalists in countries that live armed conflicts, but in territories that live supposedly in stable democracies.

During 2018, according to the data compiled and published by the Federation the International of Journalists, 94 journalists (or used of mass media) were assassinated. Mexico was the second in the list with 11 cases, after the 16 of Afghanistan, and surpassing to Yemen, Syria and India.

A work for brave

Kapuscinski, one of the great lights of the journalistic profession, shelp that to be journalist it is necessary to be good person. It is certain or no, in 2019 the certainty is that, in certain territories, yes it is necessary to be brave. And with an increasing danger: the data takes increasing several consecutive years, and not only in territories military.

The armed local groups have become the main enemies of the freedom of press. They try to prevent that beyond its scope of action its criminal activity is known, and since they have demonstrated they do not have problems in ending the life of informers. Altogether, more than 1,300 fatal crimes against journalists from 1993, which has taken to the international organisms to move card to end this problem.

Observatory of assassinated journalists

UNESCO the past created at the end of year the 2018 Observatory of assassinated journalists by means of whom it makes a pursuit of the adopted measures to punish the crimes against the mass media professionals. As much local reporters in zones of danger, as the assassinated ones recently in Mexico, the foreign correspondents informing from territories in war, are exhibited to an inherent danger to the exercise of their profession.

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