How to mint a blog

How to mint a blogThe professionalisation of the social networks seems a relatively recent phenomenon. The height of influencers, users of social networks that are able to professionalize their presence in Internet, is not but the end of a iceberg that was practically born in the homes of the network of networks. Before influencers, instagramers or youtubers was bloggers. For that reason, many users continue themselves asking how to mint a blog and to arrive to secure income, to even live, of the content that they generate.

A day appears the inspiration, looked for a manager of contents and created the blog in which to overturn everything what we want to share with the world. Ever since it passes that until it begins to enter money the account can spend time enough but, mainly, much work. We can know how how to mint the blog, but he is not the same to know the theory that to put it in practice, so from ComunicAlicante we want to share a series of advice with whom to approach a little more this objective.

It is free to mount a blog?

Before home we must tell you that to mount a blog it can totally be gratuitous. Without economic investment you will be able to begin to send you blogging to spread information of interest with an attractive and original design in which to send to you to generate your first income in Internet. You have to your disposition platforms as Blogger, WordPress, or Jimdo. That yes, if you are going it to you to take enserio you must have present that if soon you try to pass your project to an own domain you will have to make a migration and is a commotion. To spend 10 Euros in a domain and a few in the servant (hosting) more does not suppose a great investment either.

How we can make money with ours with our blog?

It contributes value. Internet was born as a sea, soon it was the ocean and now it is an oversized universe. Surely the idea that initially seemed shining already had The Hague somebody before, so if we want to emphasize on the rest, on that almost infinite amount of pages that share their content with the world, we must contribute something of value. If we do not do anything different from the rest, at least hag¡moslo better.

Strategy. Internet is full of blogs based on the occurrences of its creators. But, when we spoke of professional blogs, those that seem more anarchical and creative even have a good strategy behind. If we want to get to mint a blog we cannot let it to everything to the inspiration and the desire create content of every moment. We make a publishing calendar, we plan action, we establish a line to follow and the attack.

It creates much content. It is much MUCH. To position our page in Internet (now we spoke of it) is a slow and constant task in whose base it is the insistence. To create a great amount of content in your Web is basic not only at strategic level, but practitioner: if we want to hook to the hearing, it is necessary to constantly give new material him in the form of posts so that one does not forget that there we are.

Position to you. The SEO, the rotten SEO, will have good part of the fault of the success €“ or failure of our blog. It is important to create value content, of quality, but Google commands and we must make the things of friendly way for its algorithms. If our content is not between the first positions, it will be very difficult that somebody that does not know us directly can arrive.

It learns to move it. The quality and amount of the content are important, its positioning is strategic, but the visits are not going to fall of the sky. So that a content can have really reaches noncoarse with elaborating it, giving the button to publish and to prepare a popcorn bowl to hope to that the users appear. The social networks and the forums must be our great allies to exert as loudspeaker of our content and to attract the public. It remembers that marketing also is applied in the blogs!

It looks for help. Internet is a complicated highway to maneuver, reason why to have good copilots can helpful be to us. No matter how much we know how to mint a blog, to do it single is a heroism. Practices as guest blogging or the directories and Webs that provide backlinks to us will reinforce the positioning, they will put to us in good situation in professional surroundings and will be a good prop for our image name brand.

I know patient. All the blogs are susceptible to mint themselves, but the immense majority of them does not obtain it for want of certainty. It is necessary to consider that if we want to mint a blog, to turn it into a profession, will require as much dedication as any other use. A day will take, neither one week, nor a month, but with persistence it is possible.

That they pass the advertisers. We have already arrived. Our blog has thousands of visits, the quality of the content hooks people and the advertisers begin to be interested in us. Once there, you will have to be professional: he determines tariffs, he creates different levels from sponsorship and he sells the spaces in different formats, from classic banners to branded content or specific actions for brands. And, by all means, we do not forget Adsense. If we have advertisers, she is already official: we know how to mint a blog. We are bloggers professional.

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