Design of corporative Webs

Design of corporative Webs

All strategy of digital marketing that boasts must have in the webpage the central element on which all the other pieces must pivot. The social contents, networks, relational marketing and all action of sale offline even must always have in the Web the site in which is born and dies, the place in which who do not know us they must know who we are, what we dedicated ourselves and why we are good in it. The design of corporative Webs has become a priority.

In order to manage to do it successfully, not only it is necessary to dominate the programming, the edition of systems as WordPress or Prestashop nor the design Web. All that is elements that must come together with a corporative identity very defined, with some noticeable priorities beforehand and with certain you rule that, concerning positioning SEO and usability, they will help to that the Web works at all the levels.

Things that cannot lack in the design of corporative Webs

If your company or is thinking about the design of corporative Webs as something necessary, or to create finally a page or to remodel that one dinosaur inherited from the first times of Internet, in 2018 no longer we can start off of zero in everything.

And, in that sense, the corporative identity is a base which all company must have to be able to reflect it digitally: a logo, some colors, a typography or a catchphrase are only some of the main elements, with which it would have to be enough to start.

From there, and entering the marrow of the Web, certain factors can determine if it is successful or no, if it will really serve so that other people are interested in us and if the realised investment is worth to the pain.


Mobile first

Google knows it very clearly. As much for the design of corporative Webs as for whatever it tries to position itself in his finder, responsive is not an option: it is an obligation. The algorithm of Google determines that the traditional tendency has been reversed: no longer it has to make a Web and to adapt it to mobile later, but to create an ideal Web for mobiles and, of secondary form, their version for computers and tablets. The mobiles command.


We are clear: we make the Web to sell. Although we focus it as a digital business card, the page is not more than another leg than sustains the commercial strategy of the companies. And, for it, he is basic that in different points from the Web appears calls to the action: bellboys who allow to buy, to reserve, to subscribe or any other action that can generate lead to us. Always, by all means, taking care of texts and messages.

Easy contact

If we want to generate lead, that a visitor of the Web calls to us and is interested in us, we do not hide the form to do it. Our social direction, our phone number and our networks must be very visible and accessible, even in parts of the Web that allow to visualize them of fixed way during all the navigation and in all the sections. That it is not necessary search of more.

Who we are

Many people will visit our Web because already they know and they feel curiosity us, but other many users will arrive until her without knowing us: present©monos. In the Web it must be reflected the people whom there are behind her, even data on his activity and trajectory that can reinforce the sensation of confidence who transmits the company in her page, especially for who does not know it.

Products or services

What we sell? What we do? The telephone is not going to begin to only sound and our inbox will not receive messages that are interested in our products or services if nobody knows to what we dedicated ourselves. It is not necessary to publish an encyclopedia, is enough with a summary, brief descriptions that of synthetic way define our activity.


Why you are good

It is not enough with telling to our products and services. Mainly, because there outside certainly there is a pile of people and webpages in which the same is offered. But certainly we counted on some value differential, something in which we emphasize and that we want that stands out. Detect©moslo and we make of it visible a good strength in the page.

Line of vision

Photos, computer graphics, videos, icons, illustrations€¦ There is multitude of corporative resources so that the design of Webs is attractive, and nongray and leaden as the pages that circulated around Internet some ago years. We look for the balance between the visual and showy facet and what we want to count to present it of the best possible way.


We already have our done Web. Fantastic. Now, it will be necessary to value if to Google it likes and is prepared to have a good positioning or if, on the contrary, will be necessary to go away until the seventh page of the finder. And nobody goes away until the seventh page of the finder. One of the last passages before the publication of the Web, and even later, is to optimize it completely to reinforce its SEO: titles, descriptions, H2, H3, the weight of the photos, the speed of load€¦ A world of parameters to sharpen.

Ten a blog€¦

The marketing of contents is basic. Copywriting will allow us to control the outer communication of our company, to promote everything what it interests to us and to attract visitors to our page through different channels. In addition, the constant creation of a quality content is one of the factors to which more importance gives Google at the time of positioning a Web. It remembers that the blog can be the more effective funnel of conversion so that you manage to sell your products or services to your possible clients.

€¦ And update it

A Web is not a goal, but a way. Although already it is done and designed, although it would leave the furnace for two days, is necessary to feed it. To feed the Web is to feed its positioning. For it, in addition to practically an obligatory periodic update of the blog, it is necessary to give life to the page as a whole. We clear those products that no longer we sell, we include the new services that we have incorporated or we make visible any newness that deserves it. It is our letter of digital presentation and, as so, it must be well well-taken care of.

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