How to avoid the cannibalisation

How to avoid the cannibalisationThe strategy of positioning of our Web can to a great extent determine the success or failure of our business. In addition to fighting against a ferocious competition, to always satisfy the capricious aims with the algorithm of Google and search the best tools and techniques to increase our position in the web search engines, we must consider a principle: our eagerness to climb can cause that we become our own enemy. For this reason, it is essential to learn how to avoid the cannibalisation of key words.

What is the cannibalisation of key words?

In the first place it is necessary to know what is the cannibalisation. In terms of SEO, that concept of so aggressive and bloody evocations occurs when we tried to position a same keyword with different pages and contents from a same Web.

Briefly, the cannibalisation confuses to Google. And to the great finder it likes that all the information is always clear, accessible and structured, not distributed well between different pages. That difficulty of tracking, that eagerness to position different pages with same keyword main, supposes that we are our main obstacle to place our Web in the first positions of the web search engines.

If we looked for how to avoid the cannibalisation of key words, like in many other slopes of the positioning SEO, the key is in the order. Our strategy must know which are the main key words by which we want to position itself, and from only trying there to do it with those pages that show the most excellent content, extensive and of quality on the matter.

Without internal conflicts nor disorganization, doing that those pages that previously attacked a keyword that now interests to us to position through another URL modifies or redirijan to the main one, so that Google knows which is the page that we want that it is.

How to solve the problem of the cannibalisation

It is possible that we do not have all the resources and tools of SEO to our reach, that is not in our company an expert in positioning or which, simply, we have a blog that we nourished personally and we do not want, at homemade level, that the cannibalisation diminishes the fruits of our effort.

Although the SEO is a tremendously technical discipline and specialized, some small keys can help us to avoid the cannibalisation and to do that all the effort and time inverted in positioning to us do not go away by the hut.

It avoids the duplicated content

The best way to assure to us that we do not fall in the cannibalisation not duplicating is contained. If we did not attack the same key words time and time again, we will have good part of the work done. For it, organization and registry: it is necessary to elaborate strategies of contents of long-haul, but also to put record of all the realised one not to repeat to us in the future.

Good structure your Web

It is necessary to take advantage of the architecture Web to organize the content, does not stop to abuse the resources available. The categories and tags are ideal to label each content and that we know easily what includes, but an eagerness to categorise it and to label it everything very impulsively will cause that different pages try to position a same keyword. Error.

You are not scared to desindexar

Or because it was a content realised during ours first stage, a publication express or simply fruit of a day of little inspiration, our Web can be indexed by contents of which we are not indeed proud. It is possible that it agrees to us to desindexar a URL old in Search Console so that a new content, more extensive and varied, is the one that is positioned by the key words that interest to us.

It redirects

It is not necessary that you erase the contents of smaller quality or extension. Also we can take advantage of the pull (it is little or much) that they have to make a redirection to the page that interests to us. If you eliminate of the index of Google the URL you will lose all the authority that has accumulated that page. Or a 301 redirection or one canonical, this will cause that the clicks that receives the old one go automatically to that the more we want to visibilizar.

If you want to know how to avoid the cannibalisation in your Web, they ten present a principle: the SEO, as so many other things, is thing of specialists. It is that we try to apply some tricks to walk by house, that we have some basic slight knowledge to work in the day to day, but at the time of entering the Internet jungle to compete, will be necessary very well to walk of the hand of an expert in the matter.

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