Funnel of conversion

Funnel of conversion

A person receives a message that allows him to know a new product or service. Certain sample interest and, as of that moment, the emitting company of the message that caught its attention unfolds a fan of resources to respond to each of its stimuli in search of obtaining that interest molds its decision of purchase and turns to the usuary potential in client. All that process, the call conversion funnel or sale, is what in digital marketing it is known as the concept funnel.

Funnel, literally €˜funnel€™ in English, is the term that it designates to that methodology that it looks for to turn into consumers those people who know a company for the first time. That is to say, each and every one of the actions that a company will carry out towards a consuming potential to obtain that it ends up choosing a certain product or service in his decision of purchase.

Stages of funnel of sales

Although there are no some predetermined stages and universal, the process of funnel can be structured in five fundamental steps.

  • Starting phase. Tofu (top of the funnel): The user finishes finding out that we existed, reason why we cannot be too direct. A good idea can be to speak of our company, product or service as the solution to some daily problem that can have.
  • Intermediate phase. Mofu (middle of the funnel): They already know who we are, so we show all our potential. Resources, newsletters, advertising actions, collaborations with other brands€¦ A countless number of options to manage to hook that already still knows us but not is decided.
  • Phase outpost: We know that to the user it liked, so we must finish seducing to him. It has already shown his interest through some route, so it is the moment for putting all the meat in the spit and for betting by his lead to obtain that it takes a step more.
  • Final phase. Bofu (bottom of the funnel): The user has crossed all the stages until arriving here: she is a new budding client. It is the moment for entertaining, for giving him promotional codes to him, discounts for future uses€¦ We count on his purchase, so we cannot throw it to lose.
  • Phase of loyalty: In addition to securing a sale, one of the most important legs of funnel is the attention to the client. Arrived at this point we have great volumes of information on totes l

How to design funnel for my business

One of the most useful tools to design good funnel is the contents. Through the words, everything what it receives the user of us can help to convince to him that we are the best option for what is looking for, knows it or no.

A good strategy of marketing of contents can be the way to obtain that a person enters ours funnel. With an attractive blog, dynamic and updated with regularity we can obtain that, hopefully, one subscribes to our Newsletter. As of that moment, each word that receives from us is crucial to obtain that it is ended up pouring off by our option.

Communication channel with greater rate of conversion €” - > Email Marketing

Not only we are going to convince to him through which it reads in a post at which it can by chance have arrived. Ever since it knows who we are, everything begins to add or to remain in the valuation accountant: how we focus and we communicate in our shipments of Newsletter, how we respond or we spread our information in the social networks or how we structure and we present the contents in the different sections from our Web will have much to do in the success of our strategy of funnel.

It is important to define well all the stages and to generate the necessary resources so that each of them has a total cover based on the answer who we obtain on the part of the users. More attractive and suggestive something for those who have shown smaller interaction, more commercial and direct messages focused users who already we know that very they are interested and, of cross-sectional way, a strategy of contents that appears all over all the funnel and that it serves as much as anchor for those who arrives for the first time as for those who are more advanced in the funnel.

Funnel is one of the fundamental strategies of any plan of digital marketing: a funnel through what to leak to all our possible consumidore, onernos on approval as company and to which to destine efforts and resources as via catching new clients and fidelizar to whom already we had previously.

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