Email marketing

Email marketing

The email marketing is one of the most important legs in any strategy of digital marketing. Beyond the contents that we generate, of the form in which we invigorate them in the social networks or how we present our products or services in the Web, in the funnel of conversion of our strategy different techniques from mailing must be contemplated.

Definition of Email Marketing

But, what is the e-mail marketing? We are before a word of British origin (and-mailing, emailing) that serves to define a technique of digital marketing whose objective turns in the shipment of e-mails of massive form to the existing contacts in a determined data base.

What we must do in our campaigns of and-mailing?

Through email marketing we can make communications segmented with our data base. If a user has given us her email address means that, at least, what we offer provokes interest to him: aprovech©moslo. With a good mailing we can from presenting a new product or service to communicating a supply or precise campaign, to offer conditions that help us fidelizar usuary and to obtain, why no, direct sales.

In order to prevail through e-mail, as in any other aspect of the digital marketing, we must know how how. In ComunicAlicante there are preparation a decalogue: the ten orders star so that the strategy works.

Advice to prevail in your campaigns over emailing

If we already have a data base with certain volume, we can begin to raise to us to make them arrive contents. But considering the following variables.

  • He offers something. Always. He gives just as it is a supply of a product or service, contents of interest for the users or some reminder, but always we must have a reason for the shipment. The email marketing is very useful, but to send a mailing without having nothing to tell or to offer the only thing that it will obtain is that some user terminates himself.
  • You are not heavy. Although you believe that always there is something to count, the empathy is key at the time of sending a mailing: Really is necessary a Newsletter for this? It is as important as so that the users worry to open the mail and to read it? If we abused the kindness of the users who have facilitated us their contact and we practically sent mailings as €˜Spam€™, the users will quickly be satiated with us and the tactics will become in ours against.
  • He takes care of the aesthetic one. If you are going to send a Newsletter of 500 words without a single image, perhaps he is preferable not to send it. A mailing, by norm, must be light, visual and attractive. In format HTML, so that we can include contact bellboys, I connect and other content multimedia, but always structured aesthetically and without loading in excess.
  • Schedule. In order to obtain to a greater reach with our email marketing, it is necessary to also take care of the moment of the shipment. Generally, the suitable thing is to send it to mid-morning, between the 11 and the 12: to that schedule, the people who consult the mail at work already have been able to free themselves of the most urgent tasks of first hour, and still she is not in a hurry to close the last ones in the morning. Although, by all means, it is a theory: each public behaves of a way, reason why the best way to know when he can work better is following the €˜Hawkers method€™: tests, constant trial and error, data analysis and extraction of conclusions.
  • Data base. The data bases are not immovable nor eternal. We must polish them constantly: to eliminate those post office that stop working, because to send it to nonexistent post office it will lower our ratio of opening; to extend it constantly, catching new contacts; and segmenting by time zones or geographic areas, based on the concrete interests of each shipment.
  • Calendariza your shipments. It is or having waist to make precise shipments or to forestall incidence with some by email electronic communication, but the ideal is to agendar the shipments and to fit itself to it. To establish a regularity, to agglutinate the material in each piece of mailing and that the user is waiting for it before he arrives.
  • I know responsive. More and more usuary they centralize its consumption of Internet and contents in the mobile phone. If we already adapted our webpages, contents and presentations to the screens of smartphones, with the email marketing we must do the same. The e-mail goes in the pocket of the users, reason why our Newsletter must be ready to coexist with any format.
  • You do a shipment of test. The technology is sometimes capricious, and what in our edition software it seems a wonder, it can be descuajeringar once sent. Before sending ours just created email piece marketing to all the data base, it agrees to test. A shipment to somebody of the office, or our account of parallel mail, can save to us of a massive error. And, once we verify that everything works correctly, we spread it.
  • It analyzes the data. Each shipment that we do takes united a great amount of information. The schedule, the used tone of the communication, colors, the type of image€¦ We analyze each detail meticulously and we try to draw conclusions: Why has the Newsletter of this week been opened less than the one of the past week? What had the last shipment to be the one that greater conversion obtained? A good decision making requires of the greater possible information.
  • It always includes a CTA. The email marketing is fantastic as communication element, but as little it will serve to us if it does not obtain not one lead to us. For it, he is vital that after everything what we count, we show and we present in our Newsletter, is always a call to the action. A button that redirija to our Web, a direct telephone call or the concrete supply, and whose click we can monitor, he is basic to secure the objective. Easy Pong¡moslo to the user.

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