Extension the East in means.

Extension the East in means


The public recognition and of the mass media that our clients obtain is a great satisfaction for the work party that composes ComunicAlicante. For Extension the East in this case, it supposes an opportunity to emphasize his value as well as the work that realises. Something that becomes noticiable fact and that it extends to the economic scope, geographic and enterprise in that it operates Extension the East.

In the today post, we want to tell you to the case of corporative communication with Extension the East. The grouping became the news by the exposition of an intelligent park of more 170,000 meters in the locality of Alicante of Benidorm. A new project designed under the parameters of the sustainability, efficiency and functionality. An authentic green lung that will add parks and gardens within the urbanizations and hotel complexes that are built.

The project of Extension the East totally is oriented to the idea of intelligent space, €œthat one that is designed of coherent form with a global strategy€, affirms the promoters. The plan of the intelligent park is €œfaithful to the philosophy characteristic of the urban model of Benidorm, internationally recognized, and of another side, to the new policy of sustainable and intelligent urban development€.

ComunicAlicante began its work with the compilation of information, available material and declarations to successfully obtain all the data and to send the news by means of the service of cabinet of press and mass media to the agenda and data base, where is an ample list of journalists who would receive the note of press accompanied by images for the own elaboration of the news.

To work with clients as Extension the East who bet by the philosophy of €œintelligent city€ and the respect and balance by the environment is a pleasure for ComunicAlicante.

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