How to secure more reach in Instagram

That the battle of the social networks is dissolved in Instagram is not something new. With Facebook practically left by chance, Twitter relegated to a paper between informative and the residual and the universe to influencer governing Internet with iron fist, practically any department of social average of the enterprise panorama has realized of which in 2018, to be excellent, it is necessary to be in Instagram. And, before as much competition, it is not other than to ask itself how to secure more reach in Instagram, to emphasize between the rest and not to be relegated.

From the appearance of the Instagram Stories, those ephemeral publications that to the 24 hours to rise erase automatically, the format that it invented Snapchat (and that don't mention it was worth to him to prevail) marks rules in the network. Photos, videos of up to 15 seconds, texts, GIFs, captures€¦ Everything what fits in a screen of movable bond with so catching, during some moments, the attention of follower. But, in spite of the fever that the majority of users lives with respect to the Stories, and to the enormous importance that nowadays occur them, they are the best form to secure more reach, interaction and engagement?

That question, in addition to tens of thousands of users with major or minor influences in the network, are also made it the professionals. A study recently published by Metricool has analyzed more than 250,000 publications and 213,000 Stories to obtain an answer: the data thrown by more than 10,000 professional accounts of Instagram in the Hispanic market of speech that have been scrutinized give the answer.

A day anyone, to one hour anyone, we unblocked the mobile and we accede to Instagram: Of whom they are the Stories most recent? Exact: of influencers more powerful. The accounts with greater number of followers are, without discussion, those that they more publish in Instagram Stories. The reasons can be that its dedication to the social network is full-time, because it supposes a professional activity, but the certainty is that to more followers, major publication of contents€¦ Or the other way around: Cause or consequence?


But this data, that basically is a demonstration of which already it was known, follows without responding to the question of how to secure more reach in Instagram. A dedicated professional account full-time does not have why to become that question: directly, it will publish through all the routes. But, for who cannot give itself in body, soul and time to Instagram, and it must optimize his resources to secure the greater possible impact with a publication frequency not so high, is important to center the shot and knowledge how to distribute his efforts.

In the KPIs main the publications crush to the Stories: almost four times more impressions, 3 ' 6 times more reach€¦ Independent of if in case of Stories both parameters is smaller by his quick lapsing or by absolute number of consumers of format, certain it is that, if is that the greater number of possible people sees our contents, is no color: better to raise publications than to resort to Instagram Stories.

Evolution in Instagram Stories

The ephemeral publications of Instagram, after an initial period of tests, began to evolve in a moment. To be able to geolocalizar the contents of Stories, to decorate them with GIFs and emoticons, to create outstanding categories to store them beyond the 24 hours of life and a countless number of resources they have more gone enriching the life utility of this format in Instagram.

Many users or managers of professional accounts continue asking themselves how to secure more reach in Instagram to let grow their profiles. The result of the study is clear: in order to arrive at more people, better to raise fixed publications. Once above, it is necessary to continue feeding the beast by all the routes.

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