Digital reputation

Digital reputationNowadays, if we are not in Internet is as if we did not exist. And, although that takes to ambiguity to many people, does not mean that what appears in the network is the complete photography€¦ But it is the first impression that we give to potentials interested in our profile, or to count on our products or services or to establish some type of contact. For it, it is fundamental that we take care of our digital reputation, or a personal profile or of company.

When we make contact that can get to be interesting and we facilitated the direction to him of our profiles, as much the corporative ones as the personal, we are putting to him before the facade of our digital building.

The level of activity, publication style, attitude or interaction, among others many details, can be very eloquent about what there is behind those profiles, reason why to be able to remove benefit to him in a professional plane it agrees to follow certain directives and not to fall in some common errors.

Internet: the cradle of your digital reputation

We are our better ambassadors, and the network is the best possible ally. The digital reputation is the sum of everything what we showed in Internet and of everything what that knows us they think publicly of us. That sum will give as result a facade online with which they will run into for the first time who arrive until us: we show our better face. Here five basic advice go.

  • You do not pretend to be what you are not. The sincerity is basic in Internet. Although the protection to have a screen of by means is tempting to project an image that does not correspond with our reality, at the time of establishing a real bond and to desvirtualizar to that is to the other side of the computer, tablet or the mobile, everything leaves to shine. Better than they do not want to us reason why we are to that they want to us reason why we are not: in the long run he is untenable. To remove the best version from one same one, yes; to falsify it, no.
  • Taken care of with the sign that you leave. Internet has memory, reason why better to avoid to feed our hemeroteca with something than we can be regreted in the future. It is possible that if somebody is thinking about, for example, to engage us for a job, or to count on our services for his company, before making a decision looks for by Internet how we were the world.
  • It looks for your referring ones. The personal profiles are not more than a digital projection than it exists in the reality: that means that there are so many profiles as people, and who are no two that is equal. For this reason, we can look for accounts which would like us to seem to us, those that know to transmit their ideas and values, and to adapt them to our case to present to us of the best possible way.
  • It takes care of to that they are to the other side. If your digital reputation worries to you is because who arrive at your profile they are susceptible to tie at professional level. That is to say, if they must trust somebody, contract a new worker or find to whom its attention wakes up, is important to give certain affections them. To follow who follows to us, to interact, to respond to everything€¦ Kindness always has roundtrip ticket.
  • It offers something. Our potential as personnel marks has a limit if we did not feed it: our social and familiar circle. Further on, the emptiness. If we want to catch to people of outside our zone of comfort, we must offer something to them that it attracts to them, that turns to us into reference of a concrete field and somebody that the pain deserves to follow. If no, why they were going to do it?

These advice, practically universal, are applicable as much to natural people who want to expand their personal brand in Internet as a companies worried about their digital reputation. If we took care of it, we are diligent and we were able to diminish the possible crises that can appear, we will count on a great advantage on the competition.

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