Marketing with influencers does not serve as great thing if it is made lightly and without some fundamental slight knowledge.

Marketing with influencers does not serve as great thing if it is made lightly and without some fundamental slight knowledge.The new habits of consumption also imply new forms to transmit messages. Nowadays, the priority of the mobile phone on any other format supposes the necessity to adapt any strategy to which it fits in a screen that takes in the pocket. And, indeed for that reason, every time marketing with influencers is more important: people who have secured relevance thanks to understanding better than other how to make arrive what they want to the public through social networks as Twitter, Facebook or, mainly, Instagram.

In order to begin to understand the results of those changes and power of adapting the comunicativas strategies to the new formats, it agrees to follow some anticipated fundamental. The loss of prestige that many conventional means try to do of people who dedicate themselves to the digital communication in their different niches (instagramers and youtubers, mainly) explains themselves before the loss of quota which they experiment by his slow and not always right digitalization. Marketing with influencers begins to monopolize budgets that before were destined to mass media publicity, which gives the exit pistol shot to compete at the time of catching to those advertisers by means of information even interested.

But that exists the figure does not mean that marketing with influencers is valid for any occasion, any message or any target. As all resource, it is necessary to know how to use it and to analyze it in detail before sending itself to conduct battle or campaigns. In ComunicAlicante there are preparation a decalogue of orders so that to realise a campaign with influential people in Internet it is not a jump to an empty swimming pool.

  1. Estimated guard. This is publicity: it is not free. Although many means are dedicated to discredit to influencers, to maintain communities of thousand (or until million) of people hooked to a profile requires a great work. A so powerful communication channel, with habitually faithful and numerous hearings, is necessary to pay it. As contract some seconds in one radio or a television, to announce in social networks by means of ambassadors has a price. So, first of all, list for it is necessary to have an economic game.
  2. It chooses well when influencer. Perhaps a person has million followers, but that does not mean that the public is going to yes buy or to evaluate yes or for being a only very abundant product. Each influencer it has a field of action, or the fashion, the sport, the video-games or any other niche. Before being decided by somebody made an impression by its high number of fans, better search somebody whose target agrees with the one of the product to announce. Quality before amount.
  3. It studies his relevance. As in other many professions, the infiltration abounds. The number of followers is not it everything: many other metric ones, as engagement, likes or the commentaries, are eloquent to understand what wakes up to influencer between which they follow to him. Followers can even be bought, reason why before paying to nobody it is necessary to see in detail if really can be called she to influencer, if it has influence on people.
  4. It selects the channel. He is not the same to announce in YouTube that in Instagram, on Facebook or in Twitter. Each communication channel gives some different possibilities and has target different, reason why it is necessary to study the route well to arrive at the public before throwing to walk by the way. Marketing with influencers can become through multiple channels, and each is better for a concrete objective.
  5. It adapts the message. Once selected the channel, it is necessary to mold the content. YouTube has almost infinite possibilities, Instagram is very versatile since it admits photos, videos and already the famous IG stories, Facebook also works with texts€¦ Each message can be transmitted of thousands and one ways, but whenever it is in conjunction with his digital drive belt. Assure to you that message and channel they marry.
  6. Storytelling. If you want to sell a shoe, a photo of influencer with the put shoe is very well. But the public of Internet of nowadays wants something more: histories. It is not necessary to roll a masterpiece, but to differentiate the message from the homogenised ocean of photos that there are in Internet. To have a defined concept and something that to count through a product will improve its impact in those who do not know it and the loyalty of which already they had to the brand between his preferences.
  7. It interacts. This premise is practically basic in any practice of digital marketing that takes to end. The digital world part of the advantageous premise of being bidirectional, and is a strength that must take advantage in front of the press, the radio or the television. Advertiser and influencer can (and they must) give back something than they receive: to do likes, to respond commentaries, to solve doubts and to be receptive before useful proposals are the minimum so that the user does not feel that the vices of the past persist in marketing with influencers.
  8. The impact monitors. The digital campaigns must be followed almost in real time. The best way will be to create specific links so that it shares them chosen influencer for the action, and to thus value if it works as channel of entrance to our Web or our products. Another form can be the creation of specific codes discount or the special supplies for followers of influencer that it conducts the battle. And, when there is resources or no time for complex systems of monitoring, a coarse simple method: hashtags. That yes, some specifically created for the campaign.
  9. It takes advantage of his network. Influencers real, in addition to succeeding many followers and with those products that show, has many connections. If a campaign has worked and for the another future company it wants something similar but without repeating itself, the first point where it must look for it is the profile of used influencer. The networks of contacts of influencers, agencies of management or even personal friendships among them usually are easy to detect.
  10. It evaluates the results. The campaigns of marketing with influencers, in essence, are not different than all the life has become. Before home it must have some predetermined objectives, either in sales, reaches of publications or other parameters. That is why, once the action has finished is necessary to stop itself to study the data and to see what has worked and what no, what can be repeated in the future and what there is to change.

The ten orders of marketing with influencers

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