Toni Segarra, creative advertising

Toni Segarra, creative advertisingThe Audience of the Delegation of Alicante (ADDA) will in full dress get dressed next the 29 November on the occasion of the celebration of the I Branding Day. The event, organized by Cadena Ser, will bring to the capital of the Costa Blanca to referring world-wide of marketing and communication, that will share with the attending experiences and accumulated experiences during his resisted races. Everything with main a plot thread: the communication understood as a tool fundamental to achieve the success.

The Toni Segarra publicist, recognized and multiawarded by its contribution to the development of the creative sector in Spain, is the greater reclamation of the poster due to its immense professional size. Between their great works practically are recognizable campaigns by everybody, as €œWelcome to the independent republic of your house€, €œOf what they smell clouds€, €œSees water my friend€, or €œYou like to lead€. Everything a referring one portrayed in depth in multiple articles, interviews and especially in documentary €œa type who writes announcements€.

It will not be, far from it, only the interesting thing of an appointment that will walk exceeded of communications of high level. Among them they are David Meca, swimmer and example of how the motivation helps to reach impossible challenges, with passages to I swim to its backs as D©nia €“ Ibiza; Jaime Rodr­guez, manager for Spain and Portugal of the BlablaCar company; Luis Basterra, expert in transformation of business models; Jesºs Mar­a Ruiz, of Arriaga Associate; Ver³nica Azc¡rate, director of Marketing of CCC; or Jean Marc Colanesi, professor of ESIC specialized in branding for companies.

The appointment tries to be a forum in which as much the professionals of the sector as the companies and businesses, are of the province of Alicante or of any other place, they can learn, share and establish relations, as well as the possibility of opening business opportunities. The entrance has a price of 20 Euros and it is possible to be acquired here.

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