Instagramers already has arrived even at the covers of the magazines.

The publicity in Internet has changed the form to promote products. The tendencies in mass media promotion are clear: this year 2017 already is going to have more weight Internet than the television so that the companies present what they wish to sell. One of the concurred slopes more in the network is Instagram, a social network initially thought to share photographies that over the years have become a footbridge of exhibition of the most many-colored products. Their users with more followers, instagramers, have become image of promotion of products, events or, as in the image that illustrates this article, in the cover of a magazine.

Instagram, in addition to for lovers of the photography, has become instead of meeting for followers and faithfuls of the fashion. Many brands of different openwork bet by influencers with powerful profiles in this social network to promote their products or articles: from fashion to gastronomy or trips, the common norm of lifestyle and the projection of an idealized image serve to canalize referring the social network as of opinion and channel of sales.

The process of ascent to the professionalisation of these influencers has been habitually similar: young people who, with photos, hashtags and contained, has obtained to great numbers of segInstagramers more powerful receives to raise photos with products of brands to which they make publicity in Internetuidores. From certain point, small brands begin to contact with these people to offer gratuitous products in exchange for publications. Although the potential reach is limited a few thousands of followers initially, the brands know that the impact is elevated, because a high percentage of those followers is following assets and public objective concentrate in a certain profile.

To receive to make publicity in Internet

Instagramers as Dulceida, Lovely Pepa or Nina Urgell, and other many people a step underneath €“ as much in followers as in income, is professionally dedicated to publish photos (phelp very well) in which show to products of different brands to which they tag and they make publicity in Internet. They receive to attend events, they become ambassadors of companies, they form an equipment of photography, video and hiring to still professionalize plus its profiles and they become referring for thousands of people.

In addition, the fact that they only began dedicating themselves to it and winning altruistically following by its style and forms of being implies that to the people to whom they agglutinate around its profiles liked what they already saw before instagramers lived on it, reason why be associated with brands has a great impact for these: they know that the followers are faithful to a person, reason why to put a certain article to him will cause that thousands of people automatically see it with good eyes.

Instagramers, that has obtained their followers by their lifestyle, is seen by good part of their public as referring many levels. Each article, product or service that use become something wished by a great percentage of his fans, something that the brands are useful and than they themselves they benefit. More than a communication agency or it manages profiles of instagramers or intermediate between brands and professionals of the network to put to them in touch. And the bubble continues growing.

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