Soccer is an ally for the promotion of the tourism in Alicante.

The promotion of the tourism in Alicante has a winter ally. The Costa Blanca is referring a tourist one in many scopes. In summer, their beaches are a reclamation for million people and the gastronomy, its natural wealth or the history of their cities also attract a great number of visitors. Nevertheless, the great challenge for the sector always has been the deseasonalisation: to obtain that the flow of tourists is not reduced so drastically outside the months of peak season. Beyond the sun and beach, when the temperatures are not so warm but smooth and benevolent, the sector has found an inestimable ally with a great mediatic power: soccer.

The leagues of certain countries of cold latitudes, in center and the north of Europe, pause during the winter by the inclemencies of the time. Those moments are taken advantage of by the equipment to realise stages of pre-season and to follow with its preparation in places in which, although also it is winter, the temperature is smoother. Among them it is Alicante. Normally coastal places of the Costa Blanca, as Benidorm, are taken advantage of by these clubs to concentrate during some days, to rent sport facilities and to prepare themselves for the competition far from the cold of their places of origin.

Between the equipment that chooses to move temporarily until Alicante to train are some of as much openwork as the Rapid of Vienna, the CSKA of Moscow or Schalke 04, but this winter they have only been up to nine the clubs of first level that have landed in the Costa Blanca. These small pre-seasons during the winter have an undeniable positive effect for the tourist promotion of Alicante: they drag to retinues of foreign journalists, do that the names of Alicante, Benidorm or the Costa Blanca, as well as images of their more representative places, gain space and loudness in mass media, and undeniably the effect drags of a as passional world as soccer causes that thousands and thousands of fans of all Europe resonate as destinies for.

That soccer is a superb ally to promote any product is not nothing new. In Alicante it has been possible to verify with the two recent visits of the Spanish Selection to the city to dispute parties in Rico P©rez, before Scotland and England. It was, in addition, a strategic election: the United Kingdom is the main emitting market of visitors to the Costa Blanca, which brought about the disembarkation of thousands of hooligans which they made an escape to enjoy the sun, the beach, the gastronomy€¦ and the party.

Promotion of the tourism in Alicante via Twitter

The arrival of the best Spanish players to Alicante supposed an organic push to the practically priceless promotion: the city was TT, good part of the members of the national combined one (many of them with million followers) raised photos its social networks and all the average nationals (as well as many foreigners) moved to Alicante. Thousand of messages spread, million impressions and one countless amount of eyes put in the city by an event of hardly 90 minutes of duration, but around which limitless resources are practically mobilized.

By some days, clubs and sportsmen of elite become little less than influencers of Alicante. The thousands of likes in photos, retweets in publications and minutes of television that are obtained attracting a sport event of high level would be priceless for the budgets of promotion of the tourism of any city council, delegation or patronage.

Also from the political panorama the sport as a push to the tourist promotion of Alicante outside the peak season begins to glimpse. Thus it made see it the politician of Benidorm and senator by Alicante Agust­n Almod³bar in one recent delivery of prizes in which it participated, in which spoke of the sport as strategic element for the tourist promotion of the province. As much by climate as by infrastructures, he is habitual to be international competitions, teams or sportsmen of the foreigner training in the Costa Blanca. Now it is the moment for removing benefit to him to this exceptional visibility in mass media of Alicante, lost with the absence of Hercules and Elche of the First Division.


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