New features in marketing of influencers

New features in marketing of influencers

Influencers continues being the kings of the celebration in Internet. Every time they are more famous and every day that happens somebody to the list of the people is added who can allow themselves to live on the social networks. In a world as the one of the digital marketing, in which everything changes at a high speed and the tendencies and tools practically renew from one year to the next, he is vital to be abreast of the new features in marketing of influencers to achieve the success in our campaigns.

Beyond the basic orders, universal and practically eternal in the world of marketing, with influencers, it agrees to be kind to which will mark rules of the campaigns in networks during 2018. The written norms that governed these practices until recently already are not obsolete, reason why it is necessary to update themselves and to dominate all the possible facets of this business to apply the new features in marketing of influencers.

Influencers B2B

The prescription of products and services in Internet on the part of people in charge of profiles with many followers always has gone on sale focused end user. Some shoes, a clock, a restaurant€¦ Businesses focused to the consumer of on foot whom a value recommendation saw in influencers. But during 2018 a tendency will consolidate that already began to let itself see the past year precise: the B2B prescription.

In spite of being a less propitious world for the informal prescription, the recognition of many influencers causes that they are giving the jump to the B2B world. Voices authorized in professional surroundings. They are not as much profiles with many followers in networks but people met sectorial level, respected by his position and with a generally had opinion in account.


They already came being above hard, but this it is going to be the year of his explosion and consolidation. Great brands by powerful advertising budgets even are already choosing to have a small battalion of influencers showing their products in their profiles before some of the faces more known Internet.

Microinfluencers counts on profiles among 10,000 and 50,000 followers, and emphasizes more on the accounts followed in the fidelity and engagement of their publications. His public is not numerous, but so exaggeratedly much more sensible to the recommendations. Chosen well, they can be a very powerful tool.


Another one of the new features in marketing of influencers for this year is the use of the video. The use of the video does not mean to clock on and off to youtubers for the campaigns, but to remove from its natural means to instagramers and regulars to other channels to take advantage of all the audio-visual resources on which we can count nowadays.

A video can show to a product or service of more eloquent and direct form, at greater length and points of view. In addition, help enormously to increase the reach of publications on Facebook and Twitter, and platforms as the Instagram Stories are great successful of hearing.

Analytical Software

The times in which the brands were satisfied with seeing a photo of his influencer of head to raise a photo and to accumulate €˜it likes me€™ in his accountant already are back. The professionalisation of the social networks does not only mean that there are people who begin to live on them, but an ecosystem to his is created around in which everything more is controlled and measured.

Many analytical options of software already exist in the market and to measure the reach and success of the campaigns realised with influencers. Platforms that offer to infinity of data and useful conclusions to know what influencers works why products, what action we must avoid and which we can continue carrying out with guarantees.

It prepares the pocket

To resort to microinfluencers can be a good way to avoid to pay fees and to continue working with interchange. Even so, we are in 2018: influencers no longer is a fleeting fashion nor a bubble, is a new consolidated and recognized publicity and communication channel. And, as so, it is necessary to pay it, although it cannot be included enters the new features marketing of influencers of the more rabid present time.

If our budget does not reach to collaborate with influencers of first level €“ what would be comprehensible in view of his cach©s- we can lower a step, but for that reason not to think that everything is free going to be. Marketing with influencers is more and more professional and effective, reason why also he is more and more expensive. Asum¡moslo.

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