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goiko grill manero mollaHamburgueser­a fashionable, Goiko Grill, the past celebrated 11 Mondays an event in its premises of the street Manero Moll¡ in Alicante. It was one double celebration: on the one hand, Goiko wanted to organize a Christmas celebration to vindicate its second premises in Alicante; and on the other hand, more important still, the new letter of Goiko Grill appeared in Alicante, and for all Spain, of the hand of the dome of the company, displaced until the capital of the Costa Blanca for the event.

With a Christmas atmosphere, pinchadiscos with Christmas characterization and a full globe ceiling, Goiko Grill wanted to celebrate that, some months after its premature inauguration, the premises of the street Manero Moll¡ are ready to put themselves around all the other restaurants with which it shares name. Completed decoration, corrected errors and a reinforced concept: the one of Goiko as a place in which not only to eat one of best hamburgers of Spain, but to pass it well, to receive a treatment of first level and to leave by the door thinking about when it will be the following visit.

By all means, one of the protagonists at night was Frida, the exclusive hamburger of the second premises of Alicante. Each restaurant of Goiko Grill has a hamburger that only can be tasted there, and in the premises of Manero Moll¡ Goiko it wanted to innovate and to prove a new concept: a hamburger with Mexican airs, fresh and with an acid touch. She is one of the most singular prescriptions of the hamburguesera chain, and by all means they did not lack trays full of mini Fridas for all the assistants.

With tens of influencers and people of different professional and enterprise scopes of the present province of Alicante, Andoni Goicoechea, the Venezuelan doctor who soon after moving to Madrid decided to hang the dressing gown to put an apron and to begin to make hamburgers, took the microphone and exerted of teacher of ceremonies. He presented the new incorporations to the letter, explained his concept and he demonstrated why Goiko Grill is what is.

new letter of goiko grill

New letter of Goiko Grill: cheese, cheese and cheese

The founder of whom nowadays he is probably hamburgueser­a gourmet more famous of Spain was thankful to present his attendance and he was surrounded by some of the top organic people in charge of the company that the same initiated in the small premises of Madrid four years ago and that already is present in seven Spanish cities, that next will be more.

Between the options of the new letter of Goiko Grill presented in Alicante it emphasizes one: a melted cheese extra that can be spilled over, literally, any thing. As its own name indicates, €˜Enqu©same€™ arrives much €˜to enquesar€™ from the salads to the entrants and, by all means, any hamburger. Also there is a new dessert in the form of cookie that is everything a gift of the sky for most gluttonous, and a hamburger (the Big Mama) that came by Thanksgiving and will remain until year end.

The hundreds of thousands of present followers of influencers of Alicante could enjoy practically the celebration thanks to streamings, live Instagram Stories and publications live that were realised during all the celebration: an funny night with music, hamburgers and cocktails for all in which Goiko Grill put in center to Alicante of its global strategy.

goiko grill Alicante manero molla

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