Marketing and Christmas
Christmas is one of the most special times of the year at communicative level, and the departments of marketing of all the companies of the world take advantage of it thousands and one forms. It is a stage marked by customs and traditions, by the return to certain common places that they visit year after year. But, whatsoever, the relation between digital marketing and Christmas is more and more near: we look for the one of always, but through new formats.

Digital marketing and Christmas are fed back so that during December and January the contents and the information that the companies and brands share in Internet have a thematic one very defined. The marketing of contents, the treatment, the graphical design or newsletters is very specific, and can be different very easily from all the used one during the rest of the year.

Digital marketing and Christmas: how to take advantage of the relation

There are many ways to remove benefit to Christmas marketing in the digital world. Ideas that, although always have been there, now take to the practice of another form.

  • It plans: All actions must have a strategy behind. To improvise can leave to us well once, but in the long run always he is preferable to fix some objectives, to establish the routes to obtain them and to design the form to implement it.
  • It changes of logo: Something simple. It adds to a cap of Papa Noel or some snowflakes to your corporative image: something that it indicates that your profiles in social networks are alive.
  • Christmas beam SEO: It reinforces your bet by the seasonal key words to remove divided major to precise supplies, to Christmas promotions or events that you are going to organize. That yes: it plans your strategy in time.
  • It congratulates your followers: Where before there were cards, envelopes and seals, now there is posts on Facebook, computer graphics in Twitter or newsletters. It takes advantage of the immense variety resources and demonstrates your originality.
  • It adapts your language: Messages based on the familiar encounter, the magic, the gifts€¦ Christmas is based mainly on the illusion, reason why to feed a motor on similar power cannot more than to bring good results. And, for it, the best gasoline is the words.
  • It gives: In Christmas he is very habitual to make gifts to relatives and friendly, why not to clients, suppliers or users? Direct drawings, gifts or even donations through the RSC: now or never.

Storytelling: the base of the pyramid

Beyond adapted logos, strategies of key words or congratulations in newsletters, if something has distinguished to Christmas marketing, even from the analogical time, has been storytelling. To resort to messages that narrate histories is a good form to touch to the fiber of the consumers and users, something that is especially recommendable at a time of the loaded year of emotions and nostalgia.

Year after year, the consumers hope to that he leaves the new announcement the Lottery, or the classic spot of Campofr­o or the campaigns of Coca-Cola. All the imagination of agencies and departments of marketing works to tow to give support of communication to one of the times of the year in which it is more needed to transmit. Digital marketing and Christmas are taken of the hand to take to the brands to the greater possible number of consumers through the new formats and supports already today perfectly assimilated.


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