night in land of wolves

Who has not wished sometimes to live a play from the other side of the curtain or knowledge how is the day to day of that profession that as much it likes? What for some people are habitual, for others can be an incredible experience.

This is what the creators considered of Rents a life, three friendly that have started up a platform that it tries to offer much more that simple experiences, looking for a real interaction with people whose profession or form of life does to them special for others:

The supplies are organized in three sections: the one of expert, to take advantage of the experience another people in any field of knowledge; of people with a different lifestyle; and of alternative leisure in your own city, when you even travel or to make an original gift to another person.


The possibilities are infinite and anyone almost can put a supply sharing its experience or liking with the others. To register themselves and to publish supplies are totally gratuitous, the company only acquires an intermediation commission when the purchases take place that oscillate between 7.5 and 12 percent of the total price, one of lowest of the market in this type of platforms. The conditions of life created the own tenderer decides them, without restrictions, although always they must happen through a filter that confirms that it is a unique experience and with the premises of Rents a life.

The company in addition, counts from the home with a clear one brings back to consciousness shared in common, allowing to create lives in this category in which the tenderers donate the benefit to the NGO which they choose and the company does not acquire commission some.

Without a doubt an opportunity to live experiences totally different and to obtain some additional income, a great idea!



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