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marketing intelligenceThe evolution of the techniques of marketing research, publicity and sales on the part of the companies has walked during the last decades in parallel to the technological evolution. Each advance went united to a new form to sell: of the announcements in press and radio one went to the television spots; banners in Internet, digital marketing arrived and the social networks. Now, a new way to understand the profession arrives to revolutionize it everything for the company: marketing intelligence.

More than a compendium of practices and tools, marketing intelligence is a way to see the things. to cause that no decision is taken at random. This new slope of the marketing research brings with himself a form to work that it tries to influence positively in the most important step of the execution of any type of strategies in the company: the decision making.

To marketing intelligence underlies concepts to him that, for some years, are more in forward edge of the professions quoted by the agencies of communication and marketing: big dates and dates science. From a good taking of information (big dates) and, mainly, its correct analysis and extraction of conclusions (it dates science) an authentic revolution in the way can be derived to act of a company. To agglutinate in a department that data collection, its analysis and the later implementation in the sale techniques has a name: marketing intelligence.

Marketing intelligence: the R+D of the companies of the sector

This slope of digital marketing part of premises less intangible than those than is applied in fields as the social average, the marketing of contents or marketing with influencers. Concepts as the values name brand, the messages or the style are diluted in a sea of data in which, simply, two answers can be valued: a campaign works or it does not work.

That automation that acts as strategist at the time of preparing marketing campaigns has a crossed the more great major is the company and the more elevated their budget: to greater diffusion, supports and reach, more data will be able to be analyzed, more conclusions to draw and more decisions to sharpen. Really, marketing intelligence looks for to influence in some basic elements for the survival of the companies:

  • The analysis of the data and their conclusions allow to diminish the wasted resources: the investments will be destined where more they render, the time will be dedicated to what plus it requires it and it will be attacked those markets with greater acceptance for the companies at issue.

  • The decision making is optimized: the intuitions or hunches can serve, but the eloquence of the data will avoid to send a currency to us to the air and that does not leave the side that agrees to us. Nothing is left at random if the information that we handled indicates to us which is the most efficient solution.

  • Demography without secrets: Will My product work better in O-Men women? In what segments of age? It will have better acceptance in zones of coast? In big cities? The trial and error and the data collection of each campaign will allow the marketing department to sharpen the shot of each sent message.

Thus, marketing intelligence has an only aim: to fail less. With their different tools and all the handled information, the companies can know their users far better, how they respond to each type of stimulus and what to offer to secure the answer to them that interests more.

To be better saves money to the company

Marketing intelligence is important mainly by a vital slope for the operation of a company: the economic one. To be able to aim at the suitable hearing and to destine the precise resources to each action implies to save costs to the company. Those data, that really become knowledge, suppose to avoid wastes: nor investments in things that are not going to work nor excessive expenses in something over the real needs.

Company can to be preferable any to pay talent of experts in marketing intelligence (little in market), because in the long run it will cause that the company saves costs and, in addition, takes advantage of better the realised investments. A double benefit that causes that digital marketing gives to a great step forward in its professionalisation and the measurement of results, as well as in the specialization of the professionals dedicated to this field. Investigation and development to the service of marketing.

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