Instagramers fashionable of Alicante reunites to collaborating brands and companies in their profiles

Instagramers fashionable of Alicante prevails in the network with thousands over followers in their accountsInstagramers fashionable of Alicante breaks through in the social network of the moment with the province as camping bases. The platform, that is practically used in its totality from the mobile, is cradle of influencers of all type, but essentially with two thematic power stations: the fashion and lifestyle. It is, in addition, a mainly feminine field, reason why (with the exception of that already we published in our article on influencers of Alicante) we compiled some of the best profiles of Instagram dedicated to these fields in the province.

Elena Brotons is a young person of Alicante who prevails in Instagram and 21 fashionable application Buttons. In first he raises the photos in which outfits and in the second label shows his each article so that his more than 72,000 followers knows of what it lies down or it marks is each piece that dresses. He shares his trips, the events which attend e, even, realises drawings of brands with which he collaborates. One of those profiles that (especially in summer) put the long teeth.

Perhaps the Pilar Pascual name sounds common, but certainly to the loving people of the fashion who move by the social networks to not he is them other people's the profile the Queen of Low COST. As she herself defines herself, it is €œreal€ a fashionable blog: reasonable articles to any pocket, in stores to which everybody has access and that, with good ideas and combinations, creates very enhancing looks. As much through their profile in Instagram as of their blog, thousands of people are hooked to the sense of the fashion of this journalist of Alicante.

Another one of instagramers fashionable of Alicante with a more successful profile is Bea Puche. Also usuary of the platform 21 Buttons, this student of Tourism in the University of Alicante is his own ambassador: he publishes the images in which she herself shines the articles and accessories of brands to which he labels constantly, with that realises drawings and in which through the commentaries he solves doubts on clothes to the people who follow to him.

Although the fashion in Instagram is a field in that they gain, also some boys are able to prevail and to accumulate followers by tens of thousands. In the select fashionable group of instagramers of Alicante Alejandro Lillo, of Alicante resident in Barcelona strains itself. He alternates publications in his main profile (that he has more than 360,000 followers) with photos in a secondary account called Things of Lillo, that surpasses the 11.000. It has a focused profile more to lifestyle, plenty of photos of trips and landscapes, but his outfits also the different brands and stores have become a reference for them thanks to with which it collaborates assiduously.

Also more centered in lifestyle he is Estefan­a de Andr©s. It was born in the Murcia neighbor and she is of Alicante of adoption, it resides in a coastal zone of the province and shares, aside from many images in which she is the main protagonist, tips of nutrition and healthy life. In addition, that touch healthy and sportsman takes to him to collaborate with fashion brands sport that shine assiduously (and it labels) in their publications.

Isabel Garc­a, whom the great most people know as Aishawari by its account Instagram and webpage, was pioneering in its field in Spain. In addition to one of instagramers fashionable of Alicante more known, she was pioneering in all the national territory in the make-up video-tutorials, that nowadays are seen almost throughout. More than 160,000 people they follow his posts of Instagram, in which it almost daily shares photos very varied, full fashionable and brands and in addition, for some weeks, also the advance of its pregnancy.

Few accounts of Alicante so are soaked fashionable and share their passion by her as much as Strain you in my dressing room. More than 21,000 people they follow publications of Isam¡ Minayo, to blogger fashionable, loving of articles made in Spain and, in case outside little, also adviser of image and personnel to shopper. Their photos, of an aesthetic one very taken care of, combine outfits and small samples of cosmetic gastronomy, trips and.

As much instagramers fashionable of Alicante as other profiles of influencers have demonstrated in the province the important impulse that its presence and collaboration supposes for campaigns, events and sales. From the recent inauguration of the first restaurant of Goiko Grill in the city to castings as which she organized the brand of Ebbelt earpieces, the people with great communities of followers in social networks are nowadays one of the legs for any agency of publicity in Alicante.


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