Goiko Grill Murcia opens its doors, which supposes local number 26 of the chain in Spain.

Goiko Grill Murcia opens its doors. A new landmark of hamburgueser­a gourmet founded by Andoni Goicoechea, who with the one of the capital of the Region raises the blind don't mention it less than local number 26 of all Spain. He will not be the unique one, because in the next months the inhabitants of other cities of national geography will have the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant closely together that has turned hamburgers and other plates that accompany it in an object by cult.

Goiko Grill Murcia opens its doors, which supposes local number 26 of the chain in Spain.
Goiko Grill Murcia is worn for the first time with the Habibi, its exclusive hamburger.

As much it is so €˜Goiko€™ is every day place of peregrination of the lovers of the meat of quality to the grill, the best ingredients extra, varied incoming of own production and original desserts as finishing touch. Without forgetting one long list drinks, between which they exceptionally emphasize served canes, cocktails with a very special touch or beers of author.

The bet by the excellence is a constant in the familiar group directed by Goicoechea, the Venezuelan doctor of Spanish ancestry that hung the dressing gown to found a brand that in just a short time has become in the matter of study and example of undertaking chats and schools of business. An only possible profit counting at every moment and for each area of the business with the professionals more implied preparations and.

Agency of communication and influencers in Murcia

Perhaps for that reason Goiko Grill is trusting in ComunicAlicante for the management of the relations with influencers and mass media in Murcia. A relation initiated on the occasion of the opening of the first premises in the Costa Blanca and that due to the success of this one was reinforced quickly with the opening of a second restaurant. The proximity to the power station in earth of Alicante and the professional knowledge on the part of the equipment of the agency of communication in Murcia has facilitated this agreement.

The direction of Goiko Grill Murcia Is reconciled Alfonso X the Wise person, number 7. A new adventure for the equipment that begins the 16 of November and that will be sealed the next Thursday 30 of November with a great celebration of celebration for influencers of Murcia, in which music and the good roll characteristic of the Goiko family will not need. In addition, by all means, of which some already dares to describe as best hamburgers.

Special hamburger Goiko Grill Murcia

As it happens in the other 25 premises which right now it has the group, Goiko Grill Murcia also counts on its own exclusive hamburger. One is the baptized one as Habibi, that is realised with the following ingredients: falafel, confitados cheese feta, tomatos, cream of eggplant and watercresses. It means €œmy love€ and it knows clearly Mediterranean inspiration.

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