Cover on Facebook of the brand of Hawkers glasses.

As in the urban legend of Silicon Valley, but without home in a garage, Costa Blanca version and an excellent management of the communication they have taken to this brand of glasses to become an icon of the social networks. Two young people of Alicante and other two of Elche that their ways by pure chance united have won throughout the week pages and space in newspapers and portals of economy and technology. The reason: Hawkers, the company that founded these four twentyish ones jointly has obtained an injection of 50 million Euros in a round of investment at international level.

Cover on Facebook of the brand of Hawkers glasses.
Cover on Facebook of the brand of Hawkers glasses.

Arrived at this point of life from start-up, they are complicated to write something exceeds who have not shelp themselves before but, mainly, seems difficult to talk about to Hawkers as something more than €˜hype€™, a fleeting fashion. That phase was back. Nowadays it is a young company (offensively young) that bases its success on a unstructured structure, in a method of own work and in a constant trial and error with that step by step they construct his strategy of marketing, social communication and networks, that goes almost on a daily basis being sharpened.

Its method is not other that to express, as not even within Facebook has gotten to understand absolutely, the publicity and communication in social networks from Alicante, concretely in their headquarters of Elche. Those went the steps that picked up to the brand to elbow themselves enters celebrities and influencers, to sponsor to the Lakers, to strain itself more in the chains fashionable known the world and, even, to carry out lines of cars. The constant investment (up to 10,000 daily Euros only on Facebook) and different platforms, messages, hearings and methods with which to experiment until giving with the key they are the prescription of a deep understanding of the capricious algorithms that determine what matters and what not in the networks. And they, Hawkers, matter.

Its ultimate goal is clear: to change the industry. They want to look themselves at the eyes with Ray-Ban, to become the Inditex of the sunglasses. Product with acceptable quality levels to prices that do them much more accessible is the philosophy of a company whose mantra is, indeed, not to have a defined philosophy. In some offices to the purest Google style, the table of ping-pong, the FIFA or the chef that cook for the group are supposedly unnecessary as important elements as in classic offices: that is the secret.

Goals to reach

۬ Saldum Ventures, the company that agglutinates Hawkers and other brands, took his first and precarious steps with a very small investment: 300 Euros. It is the money that could reunite the boys to buy a lot of glasses of the American brand Knockaround and to sell enters them its nearer circles. They lasted a sigh to them. And, from there, each Euro that entered reinverted it in more and more glasses, until the volume of orders was like was the American company the one that proposed to them to become its official distributor in Spain.


The creation of his first own brand, Hawkers, gave the push to the company, that already counts its workers by tens. Now, for the first time, they have gone to a round of investment with which to be able to pay for the construction of its empire. His first physical store and the assault to the market of different countries that still they do not control are the next goals of Saldum. €œExpensive€ goals, as they recognize from the company, but that will try to reach with the profitable and independent medal to the chest of to have been from minute one. Everything an example of the potential of the corporative communication, the management of social networks, the strategy of marketing of contents and the existing enterprise talent in Alicante.

Alliances with other famous companies and characters

Once been becoming at world-wide level as the company of glasses leader of the sector, Hawkers has chosen to ally itself with businesses of the fashion as Goose to send €œa politically incorrect€ collection of glasses and that arrived at the youngest public, doing Gallic of its magnificent management in social networks.

The collaboration of instagramer par excellence, Paula Echevarr­a, with more of a million followers in this social network, has not done if not that relaunches the popularity of the brand in a channel, until now, exclusive for the youngest public.

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