Consumer-first marketing bases its strategy on taking care of the client.

The market begins to be also saturated in Internet. To resort to an agency of communication for companies, businesses or SMEs is a practice very helped to guarantee the presence and image name brand of the companies in the network, but the competition and the application of new techniques on the part of those who better know them have caused that the mere presence is not worth to ensure the success. Against this background, the strategies of inbound marketing are returning to nourish themselves what it made prevail to small stores of district not so many years ago: the near and personal treatment. Consumer-first marketing is the form to take care of to the users company even though and client is in favor separated of a screen.

The strategy is based mainly on the empathy. To put themselves in the place of the user, to think what is to him more comfortable, to take care of its interests and not to be excessively invasive but either too cold: a fine shade that implies that the potential client feels that their preferences understand, that the company works to satisfy them but that it is not going to invade his vital space to be able to remove the money to him from the pockets. Consumer-first marketing is based to a large extent on marketing for movable devices.

Although there are many forms to take care of the clients, consumer-first marketing is based on a fundamental axiom from which it leaves all their strategy: one is not to secure a sale, but the fidelity of a person. Excessively aggressive tactics can be successful in the short term, but maintained in the time it finishes wearing away the image of the advertiser and tiring the users, who would associate the brand to the slowness that supposes to them to receive its messages and promotions constantly.

One of the best forms of than the client feels well-taken care of is also one of most evident: to give a price just him. If the user feels that one reason why payment have a cost fit to its quality, with which both parts can leave satisfied, it will see with good eyes the company. That can contribute an important feedback: in this process of communicative feedback, the company can award its more faithful clients, which simultaneously will create a greater root still, and also to solve of first hand the consultations of those still doubtful.

But, first of all, consumer-first marketing is very focused to the movable devices. Mobile marketing is one of the most demanded to adjust to the techniques of consumer-first: it implies to put in the pocket of the clients, to be first who see nothing else awake and practically the latest that they look before lying down. An advertiser with left hand, long term vision and technical cross-device can become an accompanying faithful for whom they feel well-taken care of and identified with the company. Really, and as in the most traditional businesses, the one than better he takes care of his clients is the one that more success has. And they gain the two parts.

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