Magician of the year and the headaches of always approaches more the time. What him brother gift? And even? mother? The imagination has a limit and the conventions take to always finish to us in the same ideas: a necktie, some shoes, a perfume, the t-shirt of their favorite equipment or a jersey with Christmas reasons can be a success, but very they are seen. One start-up of Alicante has known to mount to a wave that does not stop to grow thanks to the celebrities and to take advantage of the pull facing one season algid for the sales.

Flamingueo is a small business that has done his a product that, during the past summer, prevailed in the social networks. The great floaters of flamenco, portions of pizza or swans were the place of rest of faces known as Taylor Swift, and from Alicante they had the vision necessary to begin to matter and to distribute what everybody wanted and nobody knew where to buy.

gift-start-up-of-AlicanteWithout a doubt, to associate its product to one of start-up of Alicante more illustrious, Hawkers, gave an enormous impulse them to stop being some unknown and to happen to be the reference to take control of the product. As with already recognized company of sunglasses, they based its bet on which they were influencers that did the promotion to them. Other giants of the fashion contacted with them to count on their products as reclamation: Brandy Melville sold them some of its stores of Spain and Italy, like Springfield, that offered the floaters as gift for purchases superiors to a concrete amount.

And, in a young company, the strategy was clear: to communicate in social networks, to base its marketing on action with return and to destine each penny of his limited budget to announce in digital platforms. The communication of companies, businesses and SMEs is basic in its homes, and in Flamingueo (name arisen from €˜the flamenco€™ union of and €˜postureo€™) they have known to create his own plan.

But something characterizes to this start-up of Alicante is its seasonal adaptation. The flamenco pizza and floaters of do not see themselves with the same eyes when he stops being warm, reason why decided to send a new product that could help them to strengthen its brand in Christmas before re-loading with force for the next summer. Blankets with form of siren tail not to separate totally of the water and the summer are their winter standard while these entrepreneurs polish each aspect of their business in the accelerating Shuttle, learn of the fast thing that everything has happened in its first year of activity and they hold fast as one of start-up of Alicante with greater projection of the moment.

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