The expansion of Goiko Grill has taken to him to have 24 restaurants already

The expansion of Goiko Grill does not have limits. The gourmet hamburger signature has celebrated the celebration of inauguration of its second restaurant in Alicante, city in which less than disembarked four months ago with the first premises, as part of an ambitious strategy that is taking to them by all the corners of the peninsula.

In January of 2017, Valencia was the first location in which Goiko Grill opened a restaurant outside Madrid. Hardly ten months later, the Valencian capital account with the three premises; it has two more in Saragossa, both of Alicante, other so many in Barcelona and one in Seville, in addition to inaugurations anticipated more in Murcia and other cities (as much in the south as in the north of Spain) that the company founded by Andoni Goicoechea has still not kept awake.

Restaurants throughout all Spain

Altogether, 24 restaurants (14 of them in Madrid) that follow the premise with which they started first of them: to be a family business, near, in which the good treatment and atmosphere are as important as its product, with a public and an unmistakable aroma of district. In addition to a shared letter, each of them counts on an exclusive hamburger of its premises, which help to the bonds with its public of proximity and complements a supply led by Kevin Bacon, its creation stars and sold hamburger more of Spain.

Importance of the good use and handling of it Social Networks

The expansion of Goiko Grill has a principle and a end: the social networks. Through them, the company daily shows photos that the own users share, its creations and the new features with respect to all premises. And, by all means, its strategy has some faithful allies: influencers. Thus it was also in the inauguration of his second premises in the capital of the Costa Blanca, situated in the centric street Manero Moll¡, in which some of influencers of Alicante with more success in the networks could enjoy a as funny celebration as atypical.

The expansion of Goiko Grill follows unstoppable, and it has already opened his second premises in Alicante

Goiko Burger Bar Alicante: an influential inauguration

More than three million of followers they sat down to the table in a celebration that, through hashtag #GoikoAlicante and publications of all the assistants, arrived much more not only at all the corners of Alicante but there. Tuits, posts on Facebook, Instagram Stories, photos in IG and selfies were interlaced with direct music in and the food in an inauguration that had a different concept: Goiko Burger Bar.

Each guest could request hamburgers with different cheese types and, once they used it, was going to a great full table with all the ingredients and sauces of the letter to prepare hamburgers to its pleasure. Caramelizada onion, bacon, guacamole, tomato, fried banana, peppers of piquillo, lettuce, sweet mustard, sauce barbecue€¦ Self-assured and delicious a countless number of options to which they preceded appetizers and that had a final candy in an funny event: the seal of Goiko.

In this way, it continues the expansion of Goiko Grill in Alicante included in his strategic plan of growth, that an average of two restaurants has taken to open to them during 2017 to the month. Meanwhile, in the back room, they by piece continue working to adapt to its own rate and to continue offering, without losing its identity, its characteristic signs: the best hamburgers in a perfect atmosphere.

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