Professional design

Professional design

The marketing of contents is one of the basic pillars of the strategy of communication of any company. With a noticeable line and a production it frequents and of quality, to count on a powerful blog help to undertakings to promote its products and services, to control €“ until certain I mark the volume of information of its company that circulates around Internet and to project by means of an own loudspeaker those more compatible messages to its objectives. But, not to fall in an excessively flat production, it is necessary to enrich those contents with an essential visual section: there the professional graphical design enters.

The contents that many companies publish in their own webpages are (in the case of which they bet to produce frequently) habitually articles for their blogs. Independent of the quality of its texts, the gray of the format causes that the effort is not able to be always all the fruitful one that could with a little more sauce in the prescription.

So that the prescription is still rounder, it is necessary to feed the visual section. And, by all means, that implies to go beyond looking for a photo in a bank of images: the gratuitous resources of Internet, although useful and practical, homogenise our content with the one of the competition. The image is another form to position themselves, to gain image name brand and to blunt on the rest. If you look for in banks of images with graphical resources online as Pixabay or Pexels you will be one more than million than already they have done it.

For this reason, many companies incorporate to their strategies of marketing of contents a section of professional graphical design. Creative profiles that can, on the basis of a text, to create computer graphics for blogs that happen to have a flat content to have a reinforcement of great value.

The professional design serves to accompany the text, to equip to the sent message of a visual coherence, to complement the information with graphical aspects and, even, it can act as main element of the content. The computer graphics do not have why to second to the text: it can be the piece on which everything turns, with a text made specifically to tie to the shown visual elements and with organization sufficient to transmit the message and information that we looked for.

Creativities for social blogs and networks

The perfect binomial. To add creativities elaborated by profiles specialized in graphical design to our texts will create the broth of perfect culture not only to give to our followers a content of greater value and quality than helps its loyalty, but to be more attractive facing those than they still do not know us, to win in reach and to add to our salary and better reasons to enamor to them and more to be able to put in ours funnel to them.

In addition, the material that we elaborate could easily be adapted to different formats and, therefore, be taken advantage of to spread in different channels. The algorithms especially award the contents that enclose images, but when the image original €“ is not taken from global sources of Internet. They are the suitable ingredients so that our publications have a major engagement and to obtain so the professional design is a perfect prop to nourish our social networks and webpage with color, originality and

You want to see some examples of graphical designs?

In ComunicAlicante, in addition to elaborating and implementing the strategies of corporative communication and marketing of contents for our clients, we bet by the professional design as an added value to our work. We showed some samples to you of our work in this field:



Two different images with two opposite styles but a same aim: to reinforce our content, to do it more attractive and to be able to project the message with greater strength.

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