chatbot daily ace

chatbot daily ace

To two months of the World-wide one, little we know envelope how it will be the informative unfolding in Russia. The sport press and Telecinco €“ chain with the exclusive right not yet is developing what new features would contribute to be able to attract the readers and spectators. What yes it is foreseeable is the use of chatbots. The virtual assistants already had an excellent paper in the Europe of France and in these two years, all the winds have blown in favor of this technology.

Telecinco and As have not made public the results obtained with his chatbots in their respective Facebook Messenguer, but doubt that does not fit the efforts had their reward reason why has transcended in forums.

In June of 2016, Facebook Messenguer created ScoreBot, first chatbot sport of the application. Ricardo Ortiz in the Unocero blog explained the initial difficulties, because the information that offered this assistant confined more to the scope of results or information of the present time. It was excluded the conversational option.

This obstacle was not so for sport means that they saw the opportunity interact with his readers and explore the multicanalidad. From the Eurocopa until now, the advances in the scope of the search by voice and mainly, of the artificial intelligence will change without a doubt the way to interact in the World-wide one.

The alliance between the technology and the sport is one is a reality that any type of barrier is surpassing. There are resisted facts already because the own trainer of the German selection used Big Data so that its equipment gained the Eurocopa. Now already we know, as it published the specialized blog Biokining, which will be the technology that will use the referees in the World-wide one. The umpires will have much more information than it happens in the turf.

The experience of the Eurocopa

The last study of IAB Spain on €œTop digital Tendencies of 2018€ gathers that €œthe irruption of the systems based on interaction by voice such as Google Home, Amazon echo and the virtual assistants as Siri, Alexa or Google Now mark to the way towards a future €˜hands-off€™. In Spain, according to data of II the Audio Study of Online of IAB Spain, 41% of the professionals of Digital Marketing already use Audio the Online one in its mix of and mass media publicity within their strategies€.

Certainly the average ones already work with this new reality, to which there is to add the increase of the use of several devices to comment a TV show. The sport means printed and the radios use their networks to reinforce their presence. It is even demonstrated that the television is used and soon the party in means of reference for each user comments.

Mediaset managed December the past to remain with the contract to relay the World-wide one in Spain, as it would already happen in the Eurocopa. Then, Telecinco included chatbot how application to interact with the movable devices.

The 14 of 2016 July, the daily Ace presented to his chatbot for the Eurocopa. It was a gratuitous service of subscription of the news, goals and results of the competition via application of Facebook Messenger. One became first the half sport one.

The generalist newspaper of El Pa­s did not want to lose the opportunity and that same month started up its €œrobot of Facebook€. Two months, later it announced that it extended his information services.

It had to spend a Sport year until entered the game. The 4 of June of 2017, the sport newspaper put into operation its Facebook Chatbot, a €œvirtual assistant who will allow us to interact more still with our followers and to offer more innovating and customized a subscription to them of the news€.

Outside the scope of means, it is possible to emphasize the qualitative jump that has supposed the Web Toni Chatbot. Although he is only available in English or German, Toni is attend personnel who knows €œeverything on the parties of the Europa League€. Most interesting he is than he does not need installation, it is possible to be used without Facebook Messenger and he is operative as much for Android as iOS as Web.

Use of voice for searches

toni chatbot

What Google has understood perfectly has served so that the mass media rise this interesting informative car. The idea to transform all the information deposited in answers to the readers or users we could say that it offers a new one half.  It is a basic race in which already practically all the means have been introduced.

In the province of Alicante, the It&IS company already has developed for the daily Information his chatbot that it helps to the reader in the matter of subscription, where the newspaper had an important handicap. So the virtual assistant at conversational level is catching semantic and therefore being effective for certain services.

Without a doubt, he will be exciting to verify as the technology is changing the way to consume the great spectacles. We hope that the average ones surprise to us with new and interactive tools in this World-wide one of soccer.

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