The management of the duel was one of the last things that remained other people's to the new technologies: no longer

The management of the duel was one of the last things that remained other people's to the new technologies: no longerSomething as eternal as the management of the duel is being revolutionized by the new technologies. The loss of a loved one brings about a pain and a later process of mourning that takes being one of the main preoccupations of the people from the home of the times: now, in Alicante, an innovating project tries to apply new formulas to a situation that is of everything less new. It is the case of the funeral company Group ASV and its specialized blog Support to the Duel.

Formerly, the management of the duel was an exclusively personal process, closed to one same one and to the nearest people with those than the pain shared. To lose a loved one always supposes a trauma difficult to digest and to surpass: it is a sad reality through which sooner or later all we happened, and for which the remedies took being identical from beyond which the memory reaches. Company, emotional support, activities to maintain the occupied mind€¦ A series of basic rituals that, nowadays, can be realised of a completely different form.

The company of Alicante Group ASV has wanted to give a return of nut to a subject in which they are expert. For some years, many people live and share what they think and feel through Internet and the social networks: there it was the niche. Now, its project is the news in mass media by the innovation that supposes the application of new technologies of the information to the management of the duel and, in addition, many of its advice are viralizan in the network.

From advice for those people who face the duel in advance accompanying to a patient until the meaning by the flowers in the funerals, rites related to the death in old communities and even recommendations of films and songs that can help to emotionally order to us before situations of great sadness and pain by the death of a near person.

All this and more picks up in the blog Support to the Duel managed by the undertaker of Alicante, who sees in this point a form to offer a differentiated service and to come near better not only to her clients, but to all a community of users of Internet that, openly, can accede to its contents and take advantage of them for its personal situations.

The form in which the new technologies of the information have changed the management of the duel is not different from the way in which they have affected to other many realities. He is not strange to see services of attention the client that take care of claims through chat of Facebook, to request food through apps at home movable or to inquire through the pages of mass media in the different social networks, and not going directly to the Web of each newspaper.

Really, the management of the duel is changing, and Group ASV has part of fault in it. To go to a blog in search of a shoulder on which to cry is not most habitual, but little by little will be assimilated as a form to handle the emotions and to realise a personal therapy, like many other customs and rites have adapted to the new technologies almost without we realized.

The management of the duel can also be realised through music
Computer graphics used in one of articles of the blog €˜Support to the duel€™

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