Neuromarketing: what is and how their lessons can be applied

Neuromarketing: what is and how their lessons can be applied

The world of digital marketing specializes and returns more complex every day than it happens. What few years do was a recent discipline, in which a few advancing opportunely began to practically form of self-taught way, nowadays is a field of absolutely cross-sectional specialty. Professionals of disciplines variad­simas have focused their races towards digital marketing, they have appeared courses and m¡steres specialized and its future projection turns it into a niche of use and knowledge. But, with time, the competition has increased: the difficult thing now is to secure relevance, to emphasize between the multitude, so practices are taken from other fields that allow to understand and to improve all regarding this world. And there neuromarketing enters.

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing, as its own nomenclature gives to understand, combines in a discipline technical of the neurosciences with its potential applications to marketing. That is to say, from information regarding cerebral processes and biological reactions before external stimuli, neuromarketing tries to establish patrons who allow to know how the human being receives information. From the analysis and later understanding of how the body reacts to according to what messages, marketing takes the conclusions to establish the tools and messages that can bring about a certain reaction.

It is a process in which they take part multitude of factors, but that basically looks for an aim: to understand how our subconscious mind with respect to the communication and the publicity works. To advance in the study of neuromarketing implies to secure a most valuable information for any brand at the time of sending its different messages (stimuli for the user), because it allows to detect conduct landlords based on which it receives the user.

Mainly, three variables study: attention, emotion and memory. The first niche of study looks for to understand before what realities and formats our brain reacts with greater impetus, leaving of side other occupations to put the eyes in something. To catch attention is one of traditional fights of publicity, communication and marketing, reason why to establish some formulas (with the subjective differences of each person) that responds to biological reactions, and to even understand how to apply them actually, can be a pump of information into the hands of companies, brands and advertisers.

The second variable is the emotion. Multitude of scientific articles and university studies (as this one of the University of Oviedo or this one of the University of Valencia) affects the importance of the feelings shown before an advertising stimulus. The really effective announcements and messages are those that wake up empathy in the consumer, who brings about an emotional response to him. For this reason, as with the first variable, if neuromarketing deciphers the processes that bring about those reactions and draws a line of action to arrive until them, the brands will leave beneficiaries and the users, hypersegmentation by means of, only receive messages that can have a positive impact in them.

Finally, another one of the analyzed variables is the memory. €œHello, I am Edu, Merry Christmas€. €œIt spreads more than it costs€. €œOf what they smell clouds€. By some reason, certain catchphrases or messages of announcements are recorded in the memory and the time and the years are perpetuated at heart of our minds in spite of. To obtain it is an advertising landmark, and to find a common denominator to those messages that become common places is a dream for any minimumly ambitious advertiser.

How neuromarketing can help to weave conventional campaigns of marketing. Elements indispensable for its success

Neuromarketing and digital marketing: parallel lives

The great unfolding of resources that needs a meticulous study neuromarketing implies that it is practically an utopia to integrate it as part of a company. Although already there are professionals and agencies dedicated only to them, still there is no a specify knowledge that it allows to take advantage of retail all the neuronal information that is obtained.

The measurements of heart rate, cerebral activity or cutaneous answer (the hen skin puts that announcement to us) are able to tell us how our body reacts to something, but not necessarily to predict what messages will generate a similar answer. The work crossed between disciplines is fundamental to analyze and to understand each reaction, and to weave therefore the new messages in agreement with the drawn conclusions.

The analysis and later creation digital marketing enters. The professionals who are able to take advantage of all those psychophysiological data that can predict the behavior of the consumer will have, in kilometer zero the campaigns, an enormous advantage with respect to the competition. To know the operation the subconscious mind biological level takes to the Copy and creators of contents to be before a new situation: the experience of the consumer is it everything. The product acts as stimulus, but to be able to play with the reaction of the user implies that one tangible thing that pass is offered to background, and the fundamental thing is in both ends: how it is sold and to whom it is sold. €˜What€™ it already comes later.

But the applications of neuromarketing on Facebook go beyond a publication with the yellow bottom or a new format in a blog. From the influence in the attitude of purchase of a music determined in shopping malls to the stoppages (supposedly) without sense in the heat of film to emit a spot of 20 second and later to retake the emission, each element of the publicity generates an answer that can be analyzed and provide some very valuable conclusions. Nothing is improvised, everything has his because.

The constant trial and error, one of the secrets of Hawkers in social networks, is one of basic the scientific principles. And it becomes, if it fits, more important at the time of differentiating what messages work and which no, because Internet is one of the main suppliers of information: commentaries, I like, follows€¦ Each click gives a track that helps to cross a step more in the way, but not necessarily makes understand the subconscious mind, that it is than treats. Those data come from conscious conducts that, by automatics that can seem, they do not have a biological origin in all the cases.

For this reason, to unite the investigations of the neuroscience and the deep knowledge of the brain with marketing and the publicity reports to that the most important information bets for that reason and, which is still more useful, the most effective form to act facing the future. In words of J¼rgen Klaric, one of the main experts of neuromarketing at world-wide level, €œto sell before was a technique, now is a science€.

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