Fake news has found an enemy in the Internet giants.

Fake news is the great enemy of the Internet giants, that do not want to lose credibility as it happens with traditional mass media.Fake news surrounds to us. The infinite capacity of diffusion of Internet has caused in more than an occasion than false histories with mask of truthful they reach the most unsuspected corners. As a snow ball, the social networks make get at all parts supposed information that sometimes are deceits: from requests of help by hypothetical diseases that derive in thymuses until hostile messages that they look for to discredit political rivals. The coined term to know this practice, fake news, has jumped to the public agenda of the hand of Donald Trump and its relation with the press, but the great companies of Internet a long time ago they began to elaborate his strategy of containment.

The political campaigns have transformed to the social networks into a territory costains more than in a place of which to obtain data. All bond: the rumors acquire category of information; affirmations without contrasting become absolute truths and the versions that agree more to both side massively are spread by the acolytes of each one of the parts. More and more, the users choose the networks to inquire, and not necessarily from conventional mass media profiles.

Twitter or Facebook has become platforms in which the new leaders of opinion, influencers, offer their version on the present time facts. The distrust of the Spaniards in traditional means is more and more well-known: a study realised by Edelman indicates that less than half of the citizenship (a 44%) continues entrusting itself than means they count.

The tendency to the digitalization, the access to great amounts of information and the publishing diversification thanks to new mass media causes that another circumstance occurs, according to the study. The digital native means are seen with better eyes (five percentage points more) than the classic ones. In addition, the realised analysis indicates that more than half of the users, a 53%, it chooses to ignore those information that do not tell him what wants to hear.

This distrust together with the capacity of any person, independent of its ideology and intentions, to agglutinate to thousands of followers who always are going €˜to buy€™ their vision of the present time, has caused the broth of perfect culture so that theoretically respected mass media even incur fake news as method not to lose attention.

In fact, that skepticism with respect to means can have a justification. The University of Oxford, in a study realised jointly with the laboratory of Reuters agency in 2015, concluded after analyzing more than 2,000 citizens of 12 different countries that the Spanish mass media are between less trustworthy of Europe.

Global alliance to eradicate fake news

Fake news, forms milennial to call to the lies and hoaxes that circulate around the network, can be arriving at their aim. Or, at least, in the format of massive diffusion and echo with which they have occurred to know. The great giants of Internet are working so that their algorithms penalize false publications and stop showing them at the same time as they give more impressions those than according to his criteria they contain quality journalism.

The conventional mass media are in a delicate situation. On the one hand, users for the social networks and the blogs or channels of Youtube of indivuduales users with great power of attraction lose. On the other, they need to generate attractive contents to secure click (with its consequent income) and not to still lose more economic capacity. That pressure takes to many journalists to try to be first in notifying without time to resist its veracity: fake news. The social networks open many appeared erroneous means information, whose necessity to obtain click is inversely proportional to its credibility.

But, beyond the journalistic problem, fake news has a wall difficult to climb. The means that have collaborated to their growth do not want to incur the same traditional errors that mass average: to be the route of deception would make lose reliability and image name brand to the social networks, that do not want to become accomplices of the viralizaci³n of hoaxes.

For it, already they are hands to the work with concrete measures. Facebook will take one double solution: in addition to reprogramming its algorithms so that news and these penalize fake they do not have reach, will signalize with a brand those publications whose veracity is in prohibition so that the users are alert when they see them. In addition, those publications will not be able to be promoted by means of payment announcements. The users yes will be able individually to choose to share them in their walls, but that have created the content will not be able to spread it

Another one of the great companies of Internet, Google, also is in favor of the cause. It will avoid that connections that contain hoaxes index in their pages search, so that the access becomes difficult to the links that direct to erroneous and hostile information.

But not only the deprived initiative of the hand of great companies wants to finish with fake news. The public administrations begin to mobilize themselves, as for example the government of one of the main world-wide powers: Germany. The Germanic executive raises to fine with up to 50 million Euros to the social networks that do not eliminate of their servers deceptions that they can wrongly alter the public opinion, contents of hatred or calumnies.

Users who have obtained thousands of followers with spreading lies with interests behind will be penalized, and everything what they publish and lacks strictly speaking will have a residual range. It is the revenge of the social networks against those who use them of form spurious.

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