That the marketing of influencers is an unstoppable phenomenon is beyond all doubt. Users with great communities of followers in social networks exert as prescribers and ambassadors for brands and companies of all type, and many people even reach to only live (and very well) by the income that they generate with her publications in Internet. Now, in addition to already conocid­simos influencers, a niche in the networks arises: content created by minors, for minors, but whose facet of business manages the parents. They are the calls kidfluencers.

Kidfluencers (concept that arises from the mixture between kids and influencers) does not have, safe by its age and style of contents, no characteristic that distinguishes to them of any influencer adult. They create contents, share them in Internet and, those that enjoy most successful, engagement and followers receive proposals on the part of brands to give diffusion to their products.

In essence, kidfluencers is a digital version of any boy with talent but without the sufficient age as managing the fruits of the same: from small that is actors, singers, sportsmen or models, but its age legally does not allow to handle the patrimony freely them that they generate nor to have a professional contract of by means.

How do do campaigns kidfluencers?

The creators of content of 13 years downwards, as well as the hearing of the same groups of age, grows to a rate of annual 25%. An internalization of habits that penetrates daily of irreversible form in the homes of thousands of people and for that there is an enormous supply: the public exists and wants contents with which to identify itself, and kidfluencers is there for occurring it.

This data, picked up by the Price Waterhouse Coopers consultant in its report €˜Digital Kids Advertising Report 2017€™, reflects a reality that can feel with simple scroll in the videos tendency of YouTube or the section To explore of Instagram: the content of adolescents for adolescents and children for children is more and more present, which in addition to serving to entertain themselves and to form creates the broth of perfect culture to transfer to the digital panorama of juniors all the weave of business generated around influencers.

The marketing of influencers is, sometimes, something ethereal: in a so young field, the treatments are closed in many occasions of verbal form, at a distance or without fixing some beforehand specific conditions. That risk that is assumed on both sides, to the expectation of which the company fulfills and so influencer demand and influencer fulfill and so the company requires to him, supposes a lesser evil when it is an agreement between adults. But the thing changes when there are children of by means and parents €“ who not always know the sector as intermediaries.

That has taken to platforms as YouTube to regulate of a form much more strict and controlled the contents that happen through their page of Kids. A lesser evil considering that these new routes to consume contents are, as it reflects PwC in his report, remaining hearing to the main television channels directed to these segments of age, as Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, among others.

Advantages to bet by kidfluencers

One of the objections that many advertisers see marketing with influencers is the segmentation of the public. He is complex to locate to those great masses geographically or to be able to realise distinctions by age groups€¦ But that last problem does not occur with kidfluencers. The brands, when they resort to one of them, know beforehand that the public to whom they are going to reach is much more specific, with a group of age certain and, by their typology, also more permeable.

They speak on video-games, on infantile clothes, on places to travel in family and they even recommend restaurants and until scholastic material. Everything a universe of companies and brands that have to children and adolescents in their front sight as potential clients, and that have in kidfluencers the perfect nexus between their product and its public.

This, in addition to the tangible benefit in the form of segmentation, allows the brands to be associated to multitude of intangible. Family values, of proximity and kindness, with a content and a sense of the whitest humor and with ethical codes very marked are the dominant note in the profiles of kidfluencers. A method as another anyone with which to present a brand or product, but that is in an ideal point of burst to remove the maximum possible party to him before it becomes a global trend.

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