Cabinet of crisis in communication: the real case of the false poisoning of a British family

False poisoning of a British family

The day to day of many companies, mainly those of greater volume, openwork and relevance, takes implicit a communicative work that becomes especially important when it appears some informative crisis. A denunciation that jumps to means or a viral one against our interests can require the activation of a cabinet of crisis in communication that help the company to safeguard their image before the public opinion,€¦

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SEO on Page: how to optimize the contents for dummies

SEO on Page

What it does not leave in Google does not exist. Or it exists, but as if it did not do it. Because what a unknown user cannot find in Internet when looks for a product or unknown service is not worth to him don't mention it. Beyond the campaigns of digital marketing, the social networks or the advertising management in platforms as Google AdWords, a gratuitous and useful form to position our page and to improve€¦

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Five advice to take care of your digital reputation (or the one of your company)

Digital reputation

Nowadays, if we are not in Internet is as if we did not exist. And, although that takes to ambiguity to many people, does not mean that what appears in the network is the complete photography€¦ But it is the first impression that we give to potentials interested in our profile, or to count on our products or services or to establish some type of contact. For it, it is fundamental that€¦

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Influencers de Alicante that prevails in the social networks

Influencers of Alicante are many that professionally gain the life in Internet and the social networks.

In a context in which the social networks already allow to live professionally on them, many are the people who spend their time and efforts to secure great numbers of followers to whom to make arrive its messages. Or through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, there is a good handful of influencers of Alicante given to the networks as his form of life. Although one of€¦

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How to secure more reach in Instagram: Stories or publications?

How to secure more reach in Instagram

That the battle of the social networks is dissolved in Instagram is not something new. With Facebook practically left by chance, Twitter relegated to a paper between informative and the residual and the universe to influencer governing Internet with iron fist, practically any department of social average of the enterprise panorama has realized of which in 2018, to be excellent, it is necessary to be in Instagram. And, before€¦

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Political marketing in social networks: foundations of the public communication

Political marketing in social networks

The forms to communicate have lived a revolution in the last years. Internet has opened the doors to a new world in which the feedback between emitters and receivers of the messages, together with the multicanalidad, marks rules and allows that all the agents who comprise of the channel some to the other come near. Sportsmen of elite, artists, intellectuals or different famous figures can interact with€¦

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Strategies of digital marketing B2B: how the companies are sold to other companies

strategy of marketing to sell between companies

The direct sale to the public has many ways. More or less direct commercial messages, more or less creative, in multitude of formats and supports different and with tones from the most varied based on target to which we went. But the thing changes when the emitter of those messages is a company of services that works for other companies: How to sell of attractive form services to companies in time€¦

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How to mint a blog: advice to live on your content

How to mint a blog

The professionalisation of the social networks seems a relatively recent phenomenon. The height of influencers, users of social networks that are able to professionalize their presence in Internet, is not but the end of a iceberg that was practically born in the homes of the network of networks. Before influencers, instagramers or youtubers was bloggers. For that reason, many users continue themselves asking how to mint a blog and to arrive at€¦

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Professional design: your marketing of contents with creativity enriches

Professional design

The marketing of contents is one of the basic pillars of the strategy of communication of any company. With a noticeable line and a production it frequents and of quality, to count on a powerful blog help to undertakings to promote its products and services, to control €“ until certain I mark the volume of information of its company that circulates around Internet and to project by means of an own loudspeaker those messages more€¦

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Selma oil: the importance of the communication when sending a new product

presentation oil olive of luxury by armani

€œA good communication is always essential when a businessman sends a new project with aspiration to become a hollow in the market€. The phrase is of Joaqu­n Selma, one of the majors Valencian product businessmen specialized of the high range, that is trusting in Comunicalicante as agency of communication for the campaign of launching of €œSelma Millenary Olive Oil€, the new oil of Extra Virgin luxury, whose commercialization will begin of€¦

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