When thinking about creation of digital contents always the same question arises: how much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are really dedicated.

When thinking about creation of digital contents always the same question arises: how much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are really dedicated.The creation of digital contents goes much more there of the article writing for corporative blogs, the journalistic news or the classic wedges of radio. For around a lustrum, the video platform online par excellence, YouTube, agglutinates to some of the creators of content of most successful at world-wide level. What at first they were personal channels in which usuary initially anonymous their videos by diversion raised, it has become some cases in massive points of contact in which million people enjoy the contents of a same creator. But, as in all the technological or little conventional uses, a question arises: how much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are really dedicated.

The own platform, conscious of the impact of the phenomenon to youtuber, invests great sums in them: in the last years, the channels that enter of YouTube amounts of money of six numbers have increased to a rate of annual 50%. They prepare the tools and the creators attract a public defined based on their type of content.

From gameplays (video-games) to kitchen channels, of trips, sport or make-up: million people, especially among 18 and 34 years, prefer to see videos in YouTube the cable TV, according to data of the own platform, at least in the United States.

The reasons are evident. It is not necessary to fit itself to some hour nor to a programming, the own user follows the channels that interest to him and they warn to him when there are new videos, the percentage of publicity he is much smaller and it can visualize it from the mobile, tablet, any type of computer and even the television. In fact, to day of today, more than half of reproductions of videos of YouTube already they come from movable devices.

To make money in Internet

Although much people consider how much they gain youtubers, is a question of difficult answer. One of the extended generic calculations more is the one of which they enter a Euro by each thousand visualizations in his videos. It is an average, because it does not only depend on it: when somebody sees the video until the end, they gain more; if the user clicks in the initial announcement, more still; for videos that last more than 10 minutes, also he adds; if somebody acquittal the video to the few seconds, the number descends.

But to know how much it wins to youtuber it is necessary to do something more than to remove the calculator. The income of the creators of contents can so be elevated as volatile: mainly they depend on how much people see them, but with shades. The advertisers of YouTube only pay by those announcements in which the user does not click in €˜Skip Ad€™, that is to say, by that they have real impact. It is a double benefit as much for the advertiser, that he does not pay if the user does not see the announcement, as for the creator of the content that comes next, since it improves his ratios.

But the grays depend on other many variables. The length of the video, the fulfillment of the norms of community of the page (if the content is unsuitable, the video cannot be minted) or the author rights (if the creator uses songs or images that are not hers) can influence in the final income of youtuber on the part of the page.

Everything a sea of variables that they consider in portals as Social Blade, in which they calculate the bracket of income according to the number of subscribers of the channel, the visualizations and other data readily accessible, and even directly keying the name of the channel.

One of most famous (and followed) youtubers of the world is Spanish. Rub©n Doblas, met in Internet as the Rubius, habitually raises videos about video-games, although also blogs (videoblogs) of its trips or, simply, meetings with friends. The equivalent to the population of Spain average has more than 23 million subscribers () and the dimension of its channel (almost 5,000 million visualizations have their videos altogether) has allowed him, in addition to perceiving some high emoluments on the part of YouTube (up to two million and average of dollars to the year, according to Social Blade) to diversify its sources of income.

How much they gain youtubers and from where it comes to them

The fame that has won the Rubius creating and raising contained the video platform has allowed him successfully to remove to two books, a series of comic strip, to appear in television spot, to create a game for mobiles and, even, to cross the world doing shows in direct in which it has gotten to fill stages of people who were going to see him outside the screen for the first time.

On smaller scale, other many youtubers have secured alternative sources of income to their channels: from that they have given the jump to the radio or the television until which they create videos sponsored by brands, the creation of contents multimedia for YouTube has become one of the professions of the 21st century that more young people aspire to occupy in the future. They are their own scriptwriters, publishers and producers, which together with great repayments makes of this one the use dreamed by more than one.

He is, as in other many professions in which the end of the iceberg is only seen, question of levels. Neither all the soccer players are Messi nor all the youtubers the Rubius. Many creators of content count on thousand of subscribers and visualizations without being for that reason celebrities, but on the sufficient volume as to generate the income to them equivalent to a current pay in exchange for a dedication full tricks out of to the creation, edition and publication of own videos.

In addition, the hypersegmentation of the publicity that is inserted in its videos, thanks all the data and information about what profiles follow concrete channels mainly, allows that the advertisers have a positive impact much more. The publicity is not random, but it is possible that is to him can be at least minimumly interested in her, and the creator of the content probably feels comfortable having those announcements in his channel when existing certain syntony between his content and the shown product.

In spite of establishment of figure of youtubers as profession more of era digital, and by many articles that is published on the matter (or declarations that makes the protagonists), whenever one of them crosses the barrier of its channel and gives an interview to mass media, the question will be inevitable once again: €œHow much money desire€

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