Political marketing in social networks

Political marketing in social networksThe forms to communicate have lived a revolution in the last years. Internet has opened the doors to a new world in which the feedback between emitters and receivers of the messages, together with the multicanalidad, marks rules and allows that all the agents who comprise of the channel some to the other come near. Sportsmen of elite, artists, intellectuals or different famous figures can interact with their followers, press their opinions and inform to them into what they consider interesting. And, of the same form, companies or institutions can take advantage of those advantages to appear to the world, to create an image of themselves and to connect with the people who are interested in them. Some possibilities that are still increased more in the case of political marketing in social networks.

Political marketing in social networks has practically become an indispensable part of any elect position, institution or campaign of nowadays. That communication opens a direct route between the citizenship and that is in charge of the public management: one shares information, images, projects and impressions, but of a way specialized and adapted to the niche that takes care, with many shades.

By all means, he is not the same to manage the profiles in social networks of the city council of a small locality, an autonomic president, a ministry or a beneficial public organism. Even so, they have certain points common to which all must go to manage to take to end an efficient communication, useful for the citizenship.

It is necessary to differentiate, at the time of elaborating a strategy of political marketing in social networks, different elements that will define our approach and vocabulary.

  • Who is the emitter? We cannot speak the same if we managed the profile of an institution that if we do it with the one of a position, if the potential dimension of followers is everything a country, an autonomous region, a city or a small municipality.
  • At what moment we were? The institutional profiles are to the margin of the political game, but to manage the profile of an elect position the party cannot be avoided of which it comprises and, by all means, the proximity of electoral periods and everything what it supposes.
  • To what segment of population we went? He is habitual that political marketing in social networks is used to approximate to positions public and institutions to the young people, but is necessary search to communicate of cross-sectional form to integrate in a same message all the objective public.
  • What we want to transmit? Before thinking how to communicate we must think what we want to communicate: if we are going to be based on the mere transparency, if we looked for to offer a profile more technician or if the aim is more electioneering, as much the approach as the registry will have to adapt to the objectives.
  • Which is the best channel to do it? Platforms as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube offer some completely formats and possibilities different some from others. It is important to identify what agrees to us more, with what type of material we will more often work and how we want to present it to know to what tool agrees to us to destine more resources. The means are also the message.


Pillars of political marketing in social networks

Independent of the typology of profile that we are going to manage, and beyond the expositions already explained as analysis of situation and starting point, political marketing in social networks is a full world of edges, with a highest interaction and working cycle and, sometimes, with so many things that to win as things that to lose.

Practically any position or institution in Spain has so many acolytes as detractive. To manage the communication of a public being or a worker of the state implies to know how to sail between the antagonism of its opposites and the flattery of its those in favor, which at communicative level is translated, basically, in an almost permanent situation of cabinet of crisis and reputation.

For this reason, in our work as people in charge of the communication of some public organization or person that holds an elect position, we must apply of unnegotiable form the following principles.

  • Transparency. It is the base of everything. If we want that a being or public person has a digital facade is, indeed, to be transparent and to offer confidence. It is important not to lose it of view for, before possible crises of reputation, to offer one double dose of transparency as solution.
  • Proximity. To dedicate itself to answer all the users who mention or respond messages would only suppose a work to full working day for this function, reason why he is not feasible, in certain profiles, to respond to everything and to enter sterile debates. Nevertheless, to spend some minutes to the day and to leave the bidirectionality sensation are positive for any position.
  • Information and resources. Data, images, the news€¦ An account associated to the public sector must remember always its vocation on watch. The followers must receive their intelligence report of first hand.
  • Attention to mass media. Phenomena as clickbait takes to many heads to lift to the category of the news a mere publication in social networks. In order to avoid the disinformation, our communication channels must be the source of which everything drinks: if we were able to be referring informative of the organization or the position which we represent, that work of press cabinet will move until different timelines to start off of a different point.
  • It humanizes. Perhaps for an institutional account he is complicated to be from a human prism, but the accounts of elect positions must try to come near to their public by the way of the emotions, and not to limit themselves to exert as a plank of commercials of our activity.

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