To publish tweets can change the form to understand and to use Twitter and the management of social networks.

The management of social networks could have a significant change next. The social network of microblogging par excellence, Twitter, has in hand a decision that can change the form to send messages in its application, and by that the illustrious users of their services often finish in mass media. Twitter, as it recognized his CEO Jack Dorsey, shuffles the option to allow to publish tweets once published, as it already lets make it Facebook with the updates of state.

This option, although possibly included a file of modifications that exposed lenguaraz usuary (just as already it exists in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg), could do that moreTo publish tweets can change the form to understand and to use Twitter. than a person it retract of what has been shelp after sending his message. , Nowadays rare it is that tuits of some famous one does not become the news in the digital portals of some of read mass media in Spain more. Some little appropriate words become the hanger almost automatically so that journalists spread tweet that, at this point of history, already is an official declaration.

The 140 characters give for much. But to be able to publish once published them can modify the norms nonwritten of behavior of the social network. It can serve for positive aims, as correcting orthographic slippings, clarifying inexact information or to avoid unnecessary confusions. Journalists and mass media who tuitean live from events could publish their messages to update their information without incurring errors, but also the tool with less academic aims could be used. Of the same form, a communication agency could correct inconcreciones or errata at the time of managing social networks of companies and businesses.

To be able to publish tweets can be used for little correct objectives, as voluntarily altering a message (with the addition of which already it could be spread by means of retweets). Although it is certain that an edition file could avoid that confusion, perhaps everybody would not waste the time in consulting it, and the most recent version would always prevail. Even so, the famous ones of long thumbs do not have to trust before this possibility: when they put the leg, by fast that is publishing his tweets, always there will be some follower more agile than he will have made capture of the original one.

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